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(C) JoBryant 2012


32 thoughts on “Perennial”

    1. Thanks. The Daughter had left her zippy little car here so The Demented Fox Terrier and I went for a drive then a long leisurely walk to blow out the cobwebs in this overly busy twisted brain. After which I fed The Demented Fox Terrier a vanilla ice cream cone which is worthy of a whole post in itself.


  1. Lovely…the parasail makes the picture. Reminds me of going Down The Shore with some friends six months ago (and we saw a parasailer too!) That was at the tail end of the season…of course it was spring and the beginning of the season at your end of the world!


  2. Beautiful image Jo! I was going to comment on the header also, you’re always one step ahead of me, aren’t ya. πŸ™‚ Maybe you should teach the DFT to be a wind surfer, could burn off some of that energy.


    1. You are kidding right ??? I can’t get her anywhere near water. From ten metres away she starts dog paddling and whimpering…so weird. I have a sneaking suspicion she’d make a terrible pirate…except for the grumpy demeanour…she has that part down pat.


  3. Atomoshperic image, shweet. And by the looks of things someone has been busy tinkering and rebuilding. Kudos on the new look.


    1. Thanks !!! Terriers and ice cream…what a combo. I had the daughters newish car (technically The Demented Fox Terrier is her dog) and fed her in the car then put the photos on facebook…hehehehehe


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