Sunday Post: Nature

I have spent some time out on the harbour lately and it has renewed my fascination for birds.

How they behave towards each other.

As they find freedom in the air – I find it in their being.

Isn’t that what nature is ???

The desire to fly free and true to yourself.

The search for more than just a place to land,

and rest,

a place to feel sure to launch yourself from,

to know will await your return,

to share with others of a similar spirit,

to observe the difference of life,

and to know you’re safe,

when you fly in to dark skies…


Their nature nurtures mine…


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  1. Lovely observations. Birds have always fascinated me. I love how our worlds intersect and yet most of the time we are quite oblivious to each other as if we live on different planes of existence.


  2. You define Nature are so impressive Jo ,Excellent shot Great entry for this week theme 🙂


  3. What a wonderful series of photographs Jo
    and you have portrayed them very well here
    with this excellent posting 🙂

    Have a very nice start to your week 🙂

    Androgoth XXx


  4. I love the variety of shapes you’ve captured in these birds movements. Wings are amazing things … no wonder man wants to mimic nature.


  5. Jo…how amazing is this!
    Your photos are brilliant…and so is the accompanying text.:)
    This could be a power point program for students of life!
    Thank you for sharing…I am blown away!


  6. Hi, I saw your message. I have checked out my comment settings again and I don’t understand why your comments aren’t coming through. They did at the beginning. It’s a mystery. They aren’t in my spam box.
    Loved your “birds and words” post.


      1. I’ve left some requests for help with Blogger Help and I’ve noticed other people complaining they cannot disable the word verification on comments either. I hope this problem gets solved soon.


        1. I have found that I cannot comment on anyone’s blog if they are with blogger…it just starts all over again with a blank box every-time I hit submit…thought it was just me but maybe it isn’t ???


  7. Wonderful post Jo… a beautiful set of photos paired with the perfect lyrical musings! 🙂


  8. Birds at flight , particularly when close to the sea never fails to take my breath away. Just beautiful photos that brings a sense of fun and excitement. thanks.


    1. Thank you. I agree with you about the feeling when you see them – especially as you said – close to the sea. I watched them for hours with such a sense of everything.


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