Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged

Once a month Katikati holds a market…named Moggie’s Market

Goods are arranged both inside and outside the War Memorial Hall.

Some are arranged on racks.

On the ground.

Car bonnets and boots are also used.

Some are stacked on shelves.

To be watched over and discussed by knowledgeable locals.

Some are displayed in an arty fashion.

While others are colourfully corralled.

However goods are arranged it always pleases the eye of this budding photographer…

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  1. These are beautiful displays. They remind me of the flea markets here held locally. An old drive-in movie theater was turned into a flea market spot where they rent spaces on the weekends, allowing vendors to set up their goods to sell. The place is usually packed with people looking for deals.


  2. Those soaps would please the body and nose of this afro celt gypsy! It looks like a cross between a craft fair and a car boot sale and that’s what I’m off to do today!


  3. Love the cupcake pin cushion! However, I do not sew … but I still love it, how colourful! Local markets are my favourite way to spend an afternoon or morning. We have ours here every monday morning.


  4. An excellent opportunity to browse
    around and what a wonderful range
    of goods for sale, I like it 🙂

    Have a fun day Jo 🙂 😉

    Androgoth XXx


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