with esteem

I put you aside,

lay down your burden,

that leaves me twisted in body,


and affliction

no longer entwined



  1. Jo you are multi faceted, sometime you write sharp, witty, fantastical and edgy stuff and then you flip and write emotional, passionate pieces like this. Always surprising woman, amazing.


    1. Thanks Russell. I had a tutor once who is a terrific poet – Tim Upperton (Kiwi). He always pushed the point that in poetry EVERY word has to have a purpose or it should NOT be there…so I try to remember that when I write. Doesn’t always work but it does usually get rid of a few that have no reason for their being there.


  2. Jo, right as I was thinking your poem was perfectly without excess, I came to your reply about your poetry tutor: he would be VERY proud of how you internalized his advice!
    This is one gem of a poem! Love it!


  3. A very nice poem Jo and I like the picture
    with the striking greens against the sculpture,
    which brings out the wonderful qualities 🙂

    Androgoth XXx


    1. This one came from a weird place Hook…a friendship that had a long expired use by date…still trying to work out all the emotion on this one…may be for a time.


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