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Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

Nature often gives us beauty in the most unusual of places.


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For more interpretations of this weeks theme visit: Weekly Photo Challenge:Unusual


81 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual”

  1. Gorgeous photo Jo! Nature does give us beauty in the most unusual of places. And, it is in these unusual places that we often hear our creative voice the loudest. Great entry!


    1. Thanks Theresa…so happy to know you liked it. I am not a fan of the mangroves there…they are gowing at a ridiculous rate…and low tide is not usually when it looks at its best…but that day there was such a stark beauty to it.


  2. Lovely shot, Jo. It must be a pleasure to walk here each day and see the changes as the tide goes in an out, the water reflects the different weather, and the seasonal changes appear. I like your composition in this shot with the alternating dark and light bands of differing widths and the mangroves providing just enough vertical contrast.


  3. That IS an unusual shot! Nicely presented. Is that sand the kind of “quick-mud” where you will get stuck in it if you venture out upon it? When I was a kid, we would go out to the beach near my grandparent’s house off Whidbey Island in the Pacific Northwest and go digging for sand shrimp and sandworms for fishing bait. When the tide was out was the best time, but the stuff really was kind of like quick-sand! It would suck off your shoes (if you wore any) and you could get stuck in it if you ventured too far out.


    1. I love hearing how different people percieve different shots. Ominous huh ? I hadn;t seen that…but looking back at it with that word in my head I can see what you mean.


  4. I’m going to have to take your word for it because I think this is a place you need to see to appreciate, the photo for me is nice but I can’t see the whole picture in the same way you might see it, simply because I’ve never been.


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