My Photos, My Poetry


“It’s nothing to fear,” he said.

“What is it,” I asked.

“I don’t know,” he replied. “Isn’t that the best part.”


Oops…meant to press SAVE and publish tomorrow.


Still editing this as I go…this was a photo that didn’t really work on the day.

So I played with it.

Here is the original.

I was trying to capture the texture of the water. Lucky I take soooooooo many shots.



24 thoughts on “Provenience”

  1. I think the original works quite well. The water is calm, yet there is an undercurrent (no pun) of energy in the water as if it is about to swell and overtake the lens. Who says a review has to make sense or be realistic? All the best to you, Jo!


    1. I did like the texture but found it all tinted a little too blue for me. Haven’t been able to naturalize (Is that a word ? I think it is a word !) it enough for me…so I got to playing around. Turned it upside down…played with colours and light. And just generally had fun.
      The words I was looking for were ‘tonal range’ – therefore…
      Haven’t been able to adjust the tonal range enough for me…so I got to playing around.
      Ahhhhhhh…much better.


      1. Hi JO, i’m back, the words your looking for is ” Tonal range “, you are trying to change the tone of the colour.

        My other self thought you would like the Gravatar πŸ™‚


  2. Both of these lovely photos work for me! Each has a unique feel to it. I love the vibrancy of the edited photo. It’s just bursting with color. In contrast, the original photo is very serene and peaceful. Each is very different, yet they are both equally beautiful. Nice job! Thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚


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