My Photos, My Poetry


terns fly north

longer mornings under the duvet




39 thoughts on “Hegira”

  1. Beautiful image. It immediately looked poetic to me – like those poems that are set out on the page in a specific way, with each line starting at a different point across the page (if you see what I mean!).


  2. Oh wow Jo! Now that is so stunning! I love it! It’s great to stay under a warm duvet on a cold morning with a warm cup of coffee and a good book..hehehe


      1. Oh yeah, well this side it’s bedtime for me, so you enjoy that coffee and have a stunning day hon! *hugs* and good night. πŸ™‚


  3. Dear Jo, this is so beautiful and hits poetically too. I loved it. By the way I want to say about this translation page, this is amazing, 56 language… I don’t know other language but my own language Turkish is not a good translation, it doesn’t give the exact meanings and translations… I am sad for this, but I am afraid who did this Turkish translation is not good. I just wanted you to know. because you are writing so nice… Thank you, with my love, nia


    1. Thank you Nia. I sort of knew it wasn’t great…but I don’t think any of the translation pages get it right…not really. I noticed when I tried translating other pages in to English. But I thought it might at least give a sense of what I am saying in the reader’s own language. I am sorry it is off…but at the moment I haven’t found a better service.


      1. I know, I can understand you, but I just wanted you to know because I don’t trust this translation. They can’t put the exact words and can be sometimes big mistakes. You are welcome dear Jo, and thanks for the reply too. With my love, nia


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