My Photos, My Poetry


in their bombilation of bedlam

is my attainment of stillness



I took this shot with my – now, because I have figured out how to work it – trusty and much loved smartphone camera yesterday, while out fishing.

Click on the photo to see it enlarged.



36 thoughts on “Hush”

    1. They were difficult to get…I took quite a few photos that day…but my fishing buddy started throwing out pieces of fish to attract them for me. Only problem was when we were throwing in the lines with bait they were a bit too interested in that…so we had to start shooing them off.


  1. I like it when I receive pictures from friends taken on smart phones -my bestest friend is very good with her’s, she should have an exhibition. They have that quality of being in the moment. As does yours. A great picture. I feel the need to go fishing an soon! Glad you caught fish as well as catching a great photo.


    1. Why thank you…although I love all the gadgets on cameras (other peoples of course)…I feel old school when I take photos with the cellphone. It is more about what you actually catch in that moment.


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