Losing my virginity…

That got your attention didn’t it !!!!!!!

Well…I am talking about being a kayaking virgin…until today that is.

A friend of mine has a house that sits on the harbour’s edge and today she took me out.

The view from her deck.

Her German Shorthaired Pointer has been officially renamed Aquadog after needing to be herded back to shore. She swam for an hour beside us, chasing fish, swans, anything that moved really !

Aquadog...maybe she could teach Chevvy how to swim ?
The teacher...

She writes amazing haiku…and today there were a few thoughts that came to my mind while out on the harbour.

The pupil...just before she fell in !!

Other than the cuss words of course when I tipped the kayak. The teacher helpfully asked if I could please do it again for the camera.

Why can't we stay out ?? Why ?? Dumb people...
A well-earned and yummy lunch...

After providing this feast the teacher was forgiven for her crass remarks regarding the photo opportunity.

And that is my opinion on leaving the water...

I was actually ready to finish…my arms can barely hold up my hands to type this. And I am going fishing tomorrow !!

As I pulled out of the teacher's driveway these guys farewelled me in a style appropriate to my new status as a fallen (in the drink) woman...hehehe


  1. I am glad you enjoyed kayaking, I love it too… although you have more experience now than I do, because I have not yet tipped – an experience I will do without I hope.


    1. They have eventually returned to some semblence of usability…though they still feel stiff. We were still close to shore Gilly…only reason I didn’t drown. When we got out in deeper water i was afraid to move in case i tipped the kayak…


  2. That looks like fun! Can I go next time? And can Aquadog teach my dog how to swim. He hates water, which makes giving him a bath an unpleasant task.


    1. Oh bless you…now I feel better. I don’t have the only dog in the world who hates water. Chevvy is so funny. If i try to take her in the harbour or the sea…she starts paddling with her legs mid-air before we get anywhere near it. Pity you live far away…we could have made a day of it. I posted the photos on my facebook page and now a bunch of women have asked to make a day of it…that could be fun to document and write about…hehehe


  3. Welcome to the wonderful world of self-powered water craft. 🙂 They’re a lot of fun, even when they tip over. Surf kayaking is pretty cool also I might add.


  4. Yayyyyy that you did it, even if you fell in! Kudos for trying it out! The closest thing I have been in like a kayak is a canoe (and they tip easily, too) – don’t know if I would like to be all closed in like that in a kayak. Wonderful pics though! Thanks for sharing your fantastic day with us and I hope your arms aren’t so sore now. 🙂


    1. Nope – heaps better…but as we came in from fishing I got caught by the boat as I was getting out and it ran over my leg…

      so a bit sore today from that…


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