Sunday Post: Design


whispered locution

big picture,

game plan,

plan, play, plot,

thinking setup and scene

aim the action

find the angle

invent the intrigue,

contemplate and devise fabrications

the saga grows

in underwater forests,

illuminated in the Phoenix’s flames,

fleetly carried on a unicorn’s back,

and the architect is lost

between reality and what’s real.


There are many types of design. I use words to design worlds that grow from my mind. I use my camera and editing programs to redesign the world I inhabit.




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  1. Out of the three designs above, which I might add, are all nice, my favorite is your purple leave. I am partial to purple, but I like the texture and simplicity as well. Great job on all of them.


  2. I love purple so the middle one is my favorite. You did a great job with this. I Hope you do write fantasy novels because your photo is up that alley.


  3. I really impressed with this design can you tell me how you do that ? he,he,kidding
    Beautiful post Jo as always πŸ™‚


      1. Yes love this little gismo… to reply to comments and it makes it easier to comment back! you dont have to keep going to your dashboard while browsing other blogs to comment back.. Lol..
        Sorry Ive neglected you Jo.. but hope to keep up more.. xx take care.. Miss Sue πŸ˜‰


  4. You know how I hate to be just part of the crowd, but the purple is my favorite too!

    And I really liked the poem.

    I’ll be doing a post dedicated to you soon. As soon as the basketball postseason winds down.


  5. ‘Between reality and what’s real’? That’s a fantastic final line. Very thought-provoking, and also elusive. It sounds like the beginning of an exploration that could make another poem. Beautiful artwork, too.


  6. Well, you could probably figure that I agree with the rest and absolutely adore the purple leaf! That is definitely my new favorite of yours! πŸ˜€ OH and btw, am having the other one you sent me framed this weekend. Found the perfect frame for it at last. Thanks for that one and thanks for sharing such beautiful thoughts and pictures on design. That purple photo really is stunning, Jo! I can imagine it blown up, stretched a bit and made into a triptych for a wall.


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