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Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

This image immediately highlighted to me the contrast of natural light and our attempts to copy it.

In the middle of a city of steel and glass sits this…


Part of the Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast at theDaily Post at


69 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast”

  1. I like the first one best, because I wouldn’t know about the surrounding city from the second. I know there is what looks like an office block, but it is a pale background – at least on my screen!


        1. I have…but you have that terrible infinite scrolling and it eats in to my limited internet band allowance so that is why I haven’t spent much time there…sorry…I don’t have unlimited broadband and have to be judicious with its usage…so I stay away from sites that have infinite scrolling


          1. It was rolled out by WordPress for a number of popular themes, not by me, and we don’t have an opt-out option. They plan to make it universal for all themes and the way Matt explains it, the scrolling works in the background and doesn’t affect our load time. I did ask him about that. Also, if you click on a specific post, the infinite scrolling doesn’t carry over. So if you are a subscriber and just click on the link of the post you wish to read, it won’t upload that feature. I read up on it and emailed both Matt and the WP staff. It actually makes it easy for others to visit and read multiple posts without extra effort. πŸ™‚ Hope this info helps… But I’m curious now about how this impacts broadband users… I didn’t read anything about that. TY!


          2. It impacts because pages load before you realise and depending on the actual amount on the page then you lose more broadband. I hate infinite scrolling and have opted out with mine. If it does become universal in WP well I will be opting for another provider. I don’t think it does make it easier. If a blog is set up with good navigation among pages and posts I think that is a much better option for the reader…they go where they want when they want not because they are directed there by another. And the minute I see it I head for the hills.


          3. Interesting points… I read all the comments on the Support page and contacted Matt and WP staff and this issue you raise was not raised as a concern. When I brought up the load time to them, it was again explained that this is happening in the background and doesn’t impact our load time. I’ve tested it on my cellphone and other outlets and it seems to pan out as they said. Sure, I like my old version which I limited to 3 posts per page and i was concerned when my blog was included but honestly, I have not seen a difference in my load time either. I also have very good navigation options on my blog. One thing that is certain Jo is that if/when you click on a specific post, it does take you to that post page and you can navigate from there without infinite scrolling. Infinite scrolling only kicks in when you click on a blog’s home page. So if you picked say my photo challenge for last week, it won’t give you infinite reams of posts, it would land on that specific post only. I read the blogs I subscribe to via the links emailed to me or via my rss feed. I just click on a post link I want to read and that’s it. There are lots of blogs with the feature on WP now so I hope you won’t write us all off. πŸ™‚ I’m glad we are having this conversation because I had initial reservations and asked WP staff a lot of questions about it. .. Thanks!


          4. It may not affect load time when you have broadband but it certainly does for those no using broadband. The page takes forever…if it ever does load properly. And in New Zealand we have whole areas that are still not fully switched on to broadband so someone trying to load a page that has infinite scrolling gets a nightmare.
            I do understand about clicking on a specific post…however not everyone links straight to a post…they link to their homepage and scrolling begins.


          5. When you have footers it gives you the option to opt out. There is a post in the forum ‘Support’ I think on how to do it…so if you had footers, then you can change back if you wish.


  2. Both photos are wonderful Jo. I love Richmond Cottage! That quaint little building would make a fantastic writer’s studio for you.


    1. It was first built in 1853 and rebuilt on its present site in 1962. This has been a home to a pioneer family and also a school. The stone cottage is open from 11.00am to 3.30pm on weekends and public holidays.


  3. That house arises my curiosity. I wonder about that neighborhood and how this house still stands next to all these buildings. I’m very interested. LOL

    Cool pictures, it raise my imagination.


  4. Natural light is a beauty on it’s own and added to an object, a landscape or any subject of interest, it becomes an unforgettable wonder of timeless interest and wonder. Beautiful images. Have a great day.


  5. I like the comparison of the street light with natural light. I also like that you have managed to get a hint of rainbow colours into the picutre from the natural light. Almost like it’s saying ‘bet you can’t manage that, streetlamp!’


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