small thoughts

gathered in the rainbowed droplets

that rain upon your flesh,

listen as they soak deep within you

— as I listened —

then traverse the paths

your own eyes find

Sourced from (C)JoBryant...hehehe...always wanted to say that.



22 thoughts on “Heirlooms”

    1. Shhhhhhhh…don’t tell will you – but originally it was ‘moist droplets’ – then when I was rereading it I thought…hmmmmmmmm…sounds like someone is spitting as they talk.


  1. This makes sense, like YOU are the heirloom being passed down and that you will live on through your children via their thoughts, their ways etc. Or am I just being a drama queen? 😀


    1. beautifully said! Obviously I don’t know you, wise and sensitive soul, but whoever has made you think you are ever a drama queen hasn’t seen you as well as this stranger has:)


  2. Okay, I REALLY liked the poem. And I know the picture is a sweet image in its natural state, but I have to tell you…the eyes on the little kid in the sepia toned photo made me think of Village of the Damned….O_o…kinda…creepy. But I liked the poem lots!!


    1. Well happy to hear you LIKE the poem.
      You’re right…she is a little SCARY looking.
      Maybe I meant her to be !!!
      And maybe I didn’t…I’ll never tell…hehehehe


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