My Photos, My Poetry


small thoughts

gathered in the rainbowed droplets

that rain upon your flesh,

listen as they soak deep within you

— as I listened —

then traverse the paths

your own eyes find

Sourced from (C)JoBryant...hehehe...always wanted to say that.



22 thoughts on “Heirlooms”

    1. Shhhhhhhh…don’t tell will you – but originally it was ‘moist droplets’ – then when I was rereading it I thought…hmmmmmmmm…sounds like someone is spitting as they talk.


    1. beautifully said! Obviously I don’t know you, wise and sensitive soul, but whoever has made you think you are ever a drama queen hasn’t seen you as well as this stranger has:)


  1. Okay, I REALLY liked the poem. And I know the picture is a sweet image in its natural state, but I have to tell you…the eyes on the little kid in the sepia toned photo made me think of Village of the Damned….O_o…kinda…creepy. But I liked the poem lots!!


    1. Well happy to hear you LIKE the poem.
      You’re right…she is a little SCARY looking.
      Maybe I meant her to be !!!
      And maybe I didn’t…I’ll never tell…hehehehe


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