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Weekly Photo Challenge: Distort

A perfect fit !!

I’ve always seen and heard the world around me with a distorted tilt.

Now I get to show you a little of how it appears to me…

but first…just to set the mood.

Something Magic – Procol Harum

In the centre of the storm
Something magic being born
When the world is torn apart
By the beating of a heart
Like a dam about to burst
Like a drunkard’s crazy thirst
In the centre of the storm
Something magic being born

It’s the dark hours of the soul
When the nightmares take their toll
When the shadows come to mock
Against the ticking of the clock
When the demons of the night
Come like vultures for their bite
In the dark hours of the soul
When the nightmares take their toll

It’s the dawning of the day
Night-time’s panic swept away
When the clouds which seemed so dark
Are exchanged for morning’s lark
When the stars which burnt so bright
Are exchanged for morning light
In the dawning of the day
Nightime’s panic swept away


Some would say a shot gone wrong...but I love this one of Bay Dixie.


Papeete Harbour.









This shot was just editing.



deviation flows

impartial influence forces me to

stumble, sway,

orientation points for

twisted visions my

realization, what lies under

the tarnish


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52 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Distort”

  1. It’s 03:08 in the morning where I live. Mood has been set successfully! πŸ˜€ Listening to the song on loop.

    I learnt what an Acrostic Poem is from your post. Thank you πŸ™‚


  2. … I remember Procul Harem ” A Whiter Shade Of Pale” … That’s all I need for this lifetime … OMG, thank you for reminding me at this time in my life ,Jo … Love, cat.


  3. What a brilliant post Jo, packed with entertainment! The photos are great – I like the road best and then you write an acrostic as well,awesom!
    (I was quite pleased with myself because for once i realised what it was before i read down)


  4. I agree with you. Sometimes my favorite photos are the ones that are blurry and people are like that’s too bad it didn’t turn out. They don’t see what I see.


    1. When I first saw it it never occurred to me to feel anything but …yes !!! Then someone said:”But it is blurred.” All I could think was: “Isn’t that great !”


    1. Thank you. I love playing with photos…especially ones that don’t seem to jump out at you at first sight…to see what I can make of them. I guess it is my form of art…


  5. Might be the rum, but all the images looked quite normal to me. πŸ˜‰ Love Procol Harum, fell for them the first time I heard Whiter Shade of Pale (been there, done that :-)) Great Job Jo!


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