sing the blood of a thousand heartbreaks

through hollowed wood

recounting every beat,

riding the salt and pepper

calling Bottesini to rise

as the C note sinks low and mournful

into the earth


  1. Damn you’re good woman. I don’t know how you do it… what you do with images is AMAZING, and your words, poetically perfect.
    “sing the blood of a thousand heartbreaks”. Absolutely brilliant. 🙂


    1. Thank you Cap’n…thank you very much indeed. I do love and enjoy playing with images…and sometimes the words just come as I do…to be worn around the image like a much loved necklace.


  2. Wonderful first line, Jo, as already mentioned by others. Also, I love ‘through hollowed wood’; it seems to be a description of both a musical instrument and of the emotions you are describing in the poem – a hollow feeling associated with a broken heart. It’s a lovely poem.


  3. Funny, the first thing I think of relative to pitch is rise over run (the slope of a roof pitch). I guess though, after designing roof trusses for 19 years, that would be normal. ???


    1. Well you can pitch a tent, or a ball, or your hope. You can pitch forward or any direction I guess, stairs and arches have pitches, you can pitch in, on, or into something, you can smear with pitch (bitumen or resin) and i could go on and on and on…

      any of various dark, tenacious, and viscous substances for caulking and paving, consisting of the residue of the distillation of coal tar or wood tar.
      any of certain bitumens, as asphalt: mineral pitch.
      any of various resins.
      the sap or crude turpentine that exudes from the bark of pines.
      verb (used with object)
      to smear or cover with pitch.
      before 900; Middle English pich, Old English pic < Latin pic- (stem of pix ), whence also Dutch pek, German Pech; akin to Greek píssa pitch

      — vb (used with it as subject )
      1. to hurl or throw (something); cast; fling
      2. ( usually tr ) to set up (a camp, tent, etc)
      3. ( tr ) to place or thrust (a stake, spear, etc) into the ground
      4. ( intr ) to move vigorously or irregularly to and fro or up and down
      5. ( tr ) to aim or fix (something) at a particular level, position, style, etc: if you advertise privately you may pitch the price too low
      6. ( tr ) to aim to sell (a product) to a specified market or on a specified basis
      7. ( intr ) to slope downwards
      8. ( intr ) to fall forwards or downwards
      9. ( intr ) (of a vessel) to dip and raise its bow and stern alternately
      10. cricket to bowl (a ball) so that it bounces on a certain part of the wicket, or (of a ball) to bounce on a certain part of the wicket
      11. ( intr ) yaw Compare roll (of a missile, aircraft, etc) to deviate from a stable flight attitude by movement of the longitudinal axis about the lateral axis
      12. ( tr ) (in golf) to hit (a ball) steeply into the air, esp with backspin to minimize roll
      13. ( tr ) music
      a. to sing or play accurately (a note, interval, etc)
      b. ( usually passive ) (of a wind instrument) to specify or indicate its basic key or harmonic series by its size, manufacture, etc
      14. ( tr ) cards to lead (a suit) and so determine trumps for that trick
      15. baseball
      a. ( tr ) to throw (a baseball) to a batter
      b. ( intr ) to act as pitcher in a baseball game
      16. dialect ( Southwest English ) to snow without the settled snow melting
      17. informal ( US ), ( Canadian ) in there pitching taking part with enthusiasm
      18. pitch a tale , pitch a yarn to tell a story, usually of a fantastic nature

      — n
      19. the degree of elevation or depression
      20. a. the angle of descent of a downward slope
      b. such a slope
      21. the extreme height or depth
      22. mountaineering a section of a route between two belay points, sometimes equal to the full length of the rope but often shorter
      23. the degree of slope of a roof, esp when expressed as a ratio of height to span
      24. the distance between corresponding points on adjacent members of a body of regular form, esp the distance between teeth on a gearwheel or between threads on a screw thread
      25. the distance between regularly spaced objects such as rivets, bolts, etc
      26. the pitching motion of a ship, missile, etc
      27. a. the distance a propeller advances in one revolution, assuming no slip
      b. the blade angle of a propeller or rotor
      28. the distance between the back rest of a seat in a passenger aircraft and the back of the seat in front of it
      29. music
      a. the auditory property of a note that is conditioned by its frequency relative to other notes: high pitch ; low pitch
      b. concert pitch See also international pitch an absolute frequency assigned to a specific note, fixing the relative frequencies of all other notes. The fundamental frequencies of the notes A–G, in accordance with the frequency A = 440 hertz, were internationally standardized and accepted in 1939
      30. cricket the rectangular area between the stumps, 22 yards long and 10 feet wide; the wicket
      31. geology the inclination of the axis of an anticline or syncline or of a stratum or vein from the horizontal
      32. another name for seven-up
      33. the act or manner of pitching a ball, as in cricket
      34. chiefly ( Brit ) a vendor's station, esp on a pavement
      35. slang a persuasive sales talk, esp one routinely repeated
      36. chiefly ( Brit ) (in many sports) the field of play
      37. golf Also called: pitch shot an approach shot in which the ball is struck in a high arc
      38. slang ( US ), ( Canadian ) make a pitch for
      a. to give verbal support to
      b. to attempt to attract (someone) sexually or romantically
      39. informal ( Brit ) queer someone's pitch to upset someone's plans
      just to think of a few


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