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The challenge from Jake over at Time After Time this week is: Colourful

Colorful :brilliant, intensely hued,bright,
chromatic, flashy, florid, gaudy, gay, hued,
intense, jazzy, kaleidoscopic, loud, motley, multicolored,
picturesque, prismatic, psychedelic, rich, showy, splashy, variegated, vibrant,vivid I hope this few meaning of colorful  serves
As inspiration to all of you then post your best article here photo, video, music or writing Tell me how you define COLORFUL ..

So Jake here is how I see COLOURFUL…

And lastly…

I hope I am still as colourful as this fabulous couple when I reach their age !!!


39 thoughts on “Colourful”

  1. I remember that video. That video is old. I posted it on my old wp blog before. I think it’s 3 years old. So, thanks for recollecting it in my memory. Had to laugh again. Funny!


        1. In he movie Patton there’s a part where General Patton reads Rommel’s classic book on tank warfare. After a battle in which Patton beats Rommel’s Afrika Korps he acknowledges his strategic debt to Rommel’s book by shouting “Rommel, you magnificent bastard! I read yer BOOOOOOOOOK!”


        1. I love playful utensils as well Isadora. And I love food…just hate the time it takes to make it…though there is something sensual aboutt preparing food, especially when it is Italian…oh how I love Italian food.


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