The challenge from Jake over at Time After Time this week is: Colourful

Colorful :brilliant, intensely hued,bright,
chromatic, flashy, florid, gaudy, gay, hued,
intense, jazzy, kaleidoscopic, loud, motley, multicolored,
picturesque, prismatic, psychedelic, rich, showy, splashy, variegated, vibrant,vividΒ I hope this few meaning of colorful Β serves
As inspiration to all of you then post your best article here photo, video, music or writing Tell me how you define COLORFUL ..

So Jake here is how I see COLOURFUL…

And lastly…

I hope I am still as colourful as this fabulous couple when I reach their age !!!


39 thoughts on “Colourful”

  1. I remember that video. That video is old. I posted it on my old wp blog before. I think it’s 3 years old. So, thanks for recollecting it in my memory. Had to laugh again. Funny!


        1. In he movie Patton there’s a part where General Patton reads Rommel’s classic book on tank warfare. After a battle in which Patton beats Rommel’s Afrika Korps he acknowledges his strategic debt to Rommel’s book by shouting “Rommel, you magnificent bastard! I read yer BOOOOOOOOOK!”


        1. I love playful utensils as well Isadora. And I love food…just hate the time it takes to make it…though there is something sensual aboutt preparing food, especially when it is Italian…oh how I love Italian food.


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