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Weekly Photo Challenge: Down

I know you're DOWN there !!!

A fisherman in training…



What goes up...well you know the rest !!!



64 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Down”

  1. Beautiful shots… as usual… I get this “calming feeling” when checking your photos out! Greetings from “carnival-land” Brazil… 😮


      1. and, very true… I look forward to the weekly challenges to “search” for some “unique shots”… and I know where to find them! 😮


  2. Wow, you’re really on your toes today. I’m still ‘contemplating’ down. Looks like you’ve got the right idea(s) . . . The little boy in the first shot is precious. He looks like he’s grooving out, playing in the creek, looking for critters. 🙂


      1. Boys will be boys. My middle son lived in the creek below our house and when I was a kid, I used to play in the creek all of the time to. Probably why I was so drawn to that particular shot. Cute,cute, kid.


  3. Haha.. The second one.. 😀 It reminds me of when I was very, very young and mum used to take me along when she went shopping and I’d keeping doing that.. (sometimes 😛 )


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