“Starting soon, your stats page will be on the WordPress.com homepage only.”

WP's attitude at times...

There have been numerous protests from WP users about this change.

Many ask only that we are given the option of accessing the stats page as it is now, as well as on the HOMEPAGE.

According to WP: Note to Jetpack users: Your stats will still be available in your wp-admin dashboard. However, you may still enjoy viewing your stats on WordPress.com.
If this is possible for Jetpack users why can WP not make it an option for the rest of us and allow us to choose, instead of treating us like children who know no better and must be dragged in to doing it their way.

WP need to demonstrate some respect please for the people who keep this site alive with their blogs !!!

You can register your thoughts on this forum: http://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/starting-soon-your-stats-page-will-be-on-the-wordpresscom-homepage-only?replies=12

Please do – the more noise people make…actually considering the replies WP have given to date on their news blog:


it seems unlikely they will listen or take note of their users’ opinions or wishes.


But if you are unhappy with the proposed changes – don’t just go along with it.

So you just don't listen WordPress...

Register your thoughts and wishes !!!

Go to the forums !!!

Blog about it !!!

Link to bloggers and posts that do !!!

Tweet about it !!!

Protest !!!

Here is an interesting article for you to read on WordPress (again introducing an unwanted feature without consultation of users) and how volunteers have left or been locked out of forums after commenting over this type of heavyhandedness: http://www.dailydot.com/news/wordpress-feature-angers-infinite-scrolling/

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    1. Please comment on the forums…blog about it so your readers will know about it and do the same. WP are just NOT listening to anything bloggers are saying about this. If you read some of Matt’s comments for example on the 2nd link you will be horrified at his arrogant dismissal of what anyone has to say.


  1. Here’s my first comment to WP:

    Here’s my second one:
    Specifics why I do NOT want the new Stats page:

    1. You cannot select or copy any of the stats numbers.
    2. “New Posts” leads to this VERY UNINTUITIVE posting option that is pretty much useless to me
    3. There is NO access to any of the Links on the left hand column in the old Stats page
    4. The stats page is my daily start page for ANY of my operations, new post, add media, settings, etc. NOT having these in the new Stats page will mean I will not use it.
    5. If you have indeed read all of the complaints from seemingly hundreds of other users about the new stats page, and that most like the stats page as it has been, WHY WOULD YOU ELIMINATE THE OLD STATS PAGE?

    I love WordPress for my daily work, but I do NOT care for the occasional “dictatorial” changes; with no seeming regard for what us users, who have become fluent in using it like it is.

    At the very least, keep the old stats page setup. Give us the option of using either.


  2. Thanks for the heads up, Jo. I despise sites that give users no choice in something like this. It’s all about the money, honey. Here’s my forum post:

    “Well, I guess it’s a good thing I don’t care about my stats, then, isn’t it? Much like Fakebook, MySpace and other social networking sites, it would seem that WP is wanting to follow their lead and not listen to a good number of site users. Except I thought that WP was a “blogging” site. For bloggers. My bad. I never go to the WordPress Home Page and don’t intend to start now. I understand the reasons behind wanting more hits on the Home Page…they’re called ad revenue dollars. I get it. But to make new posts I’ll HAVE to go to the Home Page? Hmmmm….

    Change can be a good thing. But no “opt out” option? Really? I’m disappointed. I guess it’s time to start backing up all my posts and looking for yet another blog site who won’t change things on a whim. I’m sure I can take that money I used for a WP upgrade and put it towards something else…maybe hosting my own site. And no, I don’t think I will be using WordPress.org. Oh, I know, my humble blog doesn’t get that many hits so the loss of it won’t mean much in the bigger scheme of things. That’s okay, because I’d prefer to be in a place where users are at least asked or given the option to disagree with a change to their personal property. A poll or survey would have been considerate, at the very least.”

    P.S. It’s probably just a matter of time, for me, for when I move to a different site. I firmly believe that when a company stops listening to its users/customers, it becomes easier to do it over and over again (i.e. when they succeed the first time, the second time it’s easier for them). I’ll definitely keep you and a few others informed of where I end up. 😉


    1. I have to admit I was happy with WordPress still they started all their shenanigans. I might start backing up my posts as well I think and looking around for an alternative…it certainly WON’T be WordPress.org !!!!
      Funny thing is if they would be honest and just say hey we need more hits on the homepage and offered to give the options with stats of both there and on the dashboard I would have thought…okay why not occasionally to help out. But I HATE their arrogance in this.


    1. I know – I placed a comment there that is still ‘under moderation’ some time ago. Did you read how they locked volunteers out who disagreed with their way of doing things ?? THAT BLOWS MY MIND !!! These people help them out for free and they do that !!


  3. Wow, Jo, thank you for this info!

    I’d also seen that message in your title appearing on my blog this morning, and was severely peeved off, to say the least. I *HATE* this new change. I want my stats to stay exactly where they are. I almost never go to the WP home page, and certainly don’t want to go there anymore, now that they are *forcing* us to!

    But it’s evident from the long list of comments to that article (http://en.blog.wordpress.com/2012/01/26/your-stats-have-a-new-home/) that WP have already made up their mind. And equally evident that they don’t give a katootie about what we think either – given the silence from Matt et al.

    I’m sure they must have a longer-term agenda, which is driving all these horrid changes that are being implemented, but it annoys me that they aren’t being upfront about it. Sneaky and underhand, one little change at a time, ignoring all our protests and pleas to the contrary, hoping we won’t notice the way they’re trying to fly under the radar… is this the new WordPress way?


    1. It does seem to be the case. They implement…then tell you…then ignore you when you say: “hey guys, let’s think about these changes as we really dislike them.”
      Replies to comments such as the following (from WP) seem to be where they are at…we are doing it whether you like it or not…

      “Matt – January 26th, 2012 at 10:34 pm

      Anything we change with stats generally gets a ton of negative feedback at first, it’s just something we’ve learned to get through.”

      “Matt – January 26th, 2012 at 11:04 pm

      The new page should load faster than old page, and you don’t need to load anything twice. It’s also the same number of clicks. (Sorry Matt but this is blatantly UNTRUE…it takes more clicks…really it does !!!)

      “Matt – February 1st, 2012 at 3:12 am

      I think there are some things we can do to improve the links between the stats and dashboard, but this is the direction things are going. (In other words…stick it up your arse as we are doing it people !!!!!!!!!!)


      1. Yes, unfortunately you are right!

        I also really hate their new reblogging functionality, as it seems to invite and encourage content theft, but my comment was ‘awaiting moderation’ for ages, and I think they’ve actually closed it to all discussion. Why do they keep doing that?! It’s so autocratic!


        1. I am still working out how I feel about reblogging. I intensely dislike the horrible way they patronise you when you post these days with their SILLY gold stars and ‘you are 3 away from your next target’…good God – who thought that idiocy up. But I let it lie as it didn’t really make life harder. I still have a comment awaiting moderation on : http://en.blog.wordpress.com/2012/01/26/your-stats-have-a-new-home/comment-page-3/#comments
          because they closed the comments.
          Here was what I said…Note to Jetpack users: Your stats will still be available in your wp-admin dashboard. However, you may still enjoy viewing your stats on WordPress.com.
          If this is possible for Jetpack users why can you not make it an option for the rest of us and allow us to choose instead of treating us like children who know no better and must be dragged in to doing it your way. Respect please for the people who keep this site alive with their blogs !!!”


  4. I learned to back up everything when ‘blogspot’ deleted all my post saying I violated their policy. Later I discovered they had made a mistake. Too bad for them, I went to WP instead…do I need to go elsewhere again?


  5. This just pisses me off. When I read that nice little note on my dashboard stats page, I couldn’t believe it (my naivete). I hate the new WordPress.com stats page. It’s useless to me. I’ve emailed support, put a comment on the link you had, and now here. I make it a point not to get political or anything on my blog (it’s photography), but this is a bad change. I may take my blog elsewhere.


    1. It pisses me off too. I love change…when it takes you forward, when it is needed, when it is asked for…but these changes only assist WordPress. And I am not against assisting them as i have always thought considering the FREE service they provide, a little assistance was their due…but their attitude to the complaints being made about this change SUCKS and riles me senseless.


  6. I don’t know how I feel about this…
    My bigger complaint is the ridiculous screening process for Freshly pressed; there is a blogger on the front page right now who has only written one full-length post and she’s been Freshly Pressed!
    What’s wrong with these people?


    1. Honestly Hook, if the stats on the Homepage were as good as on our dashboard, and if you could navigate easily back to comments, posts, etc, as you do presently…I would have just thought “oh well” and gone about my daily business. But they aren’t and it isn’t, and the ATTITUDE of WordPress to the HUGE amount of negative comments is disturbing. Closing off comments, volunteers locked out of forums, is a draconian overkill approach to what should be a simple case of “yes users we hear you and will consider what you say”.
      I agree with you about Freshly Pressed. It is not a fair and equitable system that chooses who gets on there or who doesn’t. One of the ways I read to get on was to have suddenly rising visitor numbers (this causing them to take note of your blogs growing popularity). I did have that at one stage…and…of course, nothing…and I noticed at the same time a blogger on freshly Pressed who was brand new with five posts being featured…WTF !!!


  7. @ the hook, 99.999% of blogs have no chance of getting onto fressly pressed, your blog material has to be very clean with no insults to any-one or any-thing.

    WordPress has blocked comments to 3 or 4 topics in the forums since i joined. They don’t listen and they don’t want to know what the people think or want.

    I will start a new topic later and others should as well.


    1. I agree Harry – which is why a new blogger getting on to Freshly Pressed is so scandalous…especially to bloggers who have been here for months or years.

      As for WordPress listening to anyone. In reply to my comment: “It appears WP is NOT listening to anyone’s complaints about this.”
      A former volunteer posted this…

      “They listen. Just ask them. They just probably won’t pay any attention unless this thread gets somehwhere around 28,000,000 unique users saying, “I hate it!,” and even then there is only about a 10% chance they will give in.

      This is not a democracy.

      Welcome to WordPress.com.”

      – THAT says it ALL for me !!!


          1. Harry – you were banned ??? Tell more please !!!
            And I am sorry but you are already well known as a fella trouble is never far from…sorry but it’s true.


  8. I am happy to report that I commented on the forum that you linked to. I noticed something fishy was going on with the stats when you suddenly couldn’t get into weekly and monthly stats from the Admin (Dashboard) page. Sometimes they confuse change with innovation. They make something different so they can look busy.


    1. Good one you Russell !!!!

      Will it do any good ??? I don’t know.

      But I do know we should never NOT do anything because we feel nothing will come of our actions.

      I think there is a reason behind their driving traffic to theie homepage…they want to up the stats on it. Maybe it will help them raise revenue, or maybe they are selling and want to pump up their figures. Why, well I am not sure, but it seems that there would be some incentive for them to do this especially against what so many of their users want.


        1. Quite likely Harry…money, money, money…and who gives a F&*^$ about the people who got you there in the first place.

          After 3 pages of comments on the new support thread…they still have NOT BOTHERED to reply to ANYONE…

          You SUCK…oops…WordPress


          1. I agree with every thing said, but at the end of the day, it’s all free.
            You just join and it’s all there for you to get started.

            I’m nearly 4 years at wordpress and i have seen a lot of changes, but we all get used to them, and new people arriving won’t know any different.


          2. This comment from ‘jpotuchek’ on the forum is wise and true I feel:

            “We bloggers think of ourselves as WordPress’s customers. But we’re not; our blogs are WordPress’s product, and the customers are advertisers. If that is the case, then withdrawing that product is the only power we have to make WordPress more responsive to our needs.

            So Harry – while it may be free – we are what gives WordPress their income…without bloggers there would be no advertisers to sell ads to on our blogs…therefore a little consideration of their cash cows would be a good thing NO ????


          3. NO, ;lol; wp.com is free because they want people to go to .org also .com is the trial base for app’s etc. i have found if you sign out and go around blogs there are few adverts, they make their money from .org, YES???


  9. Oh… what’s this about?? Thanks for the info, Jo. I haven’t read about this (except for this post and thread). Looks like some major changes. I’m enjoying how and where the stats are now. I’ll be checking the links now…


  10. Whenever changes are made on Facebook, Twitter, WordPress or any other site I use that I do not pay for, I cannot bring myself to complain about a change I dislike. My conscience always says you’re not paying for it so you’re not entitled to crib. Is that the right way to think?


    1. I agree partially – but WordPress makes money off the users by way of advertising…so in reality it isn’t free. And when you are changing the rules in a way that makes life more complicated for users so that for some reason you can up the stats on the homepage (which is my perception of what they are doing) then I feel this is not correct behaviour.


      1. Yes, the tenant-landlord analogy in one of the links was excellent. It made me realise I am a tenant and I have my ‘rights’! 😛

        Also, just read on the Daily Dot link that there is now an option to disable Infinty scroll. I couldn’t find the option in ‘Theme Options’ or in the ‘Widgets’ section. Do you know where the option is?


  11. I hear you…though, I’m not listening to them a lot. I would probably voice an opinion on one of the sites you provided…If I thought “They would Listen” as you pointed out. My “Editing Console” has never recovered from the night they changed the overhead Nav bar thing, while I was in the middle of publishing a post…and low and behold…I actually found one of the Techs making the changes on the “Forum” who informed me there was “No Way” anything they did could have caused the issue I was experiencing…and then Three other Bloggers joined my topic, with similar complaints. Before they shut the “Comment” section to the topic down, (about 2 minutes later) I was made to feel, by an incoming regular “Forum” page assistant,? That I personally had broken their whole system. I appreciate your concerns, and share in the frustration…But, I don’t think I will offer any more of my “Time for her to steal”..sorry, for them to waste.
    Bless You


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