So it’s Valentine’s Day…

And because of that – and well, because I want to…here are The Boys doing a lot of kissing.


The Boys and Cas would like to wish you all a happy day – even though I think the day is a crock of shit !!

I’ve never put much store in February the 14th.

Last year I spent it setting up Chronicles of Illusions.

It’s our 1 year birthday.

Some things that have happened over this year have been amazing.

  • I had 114,000 plus visitors to Chronicles in a year.
  • Over 650 followers joined the blog.
  • More than 8,000 times people have taken the trouble to comment.
  • 455 posts have been sent out on the WWW with my name attached.
  • I learned how to tweet/make a youtube video/and what a widget actually is.
  • Then I learned how to use a widget.
  • I can now make an animated gif.
  • I met some awesome people on the net.
  • I met a few dicks as well…
  • The Daughter graduated as a mechanical engineer.
  • The Son turned 21.
  • Supernatural made Season 7 with 23 episodes. (They killed off Cas and Bobby, and Baby is in storage – so I am not sure things are really going my way at the moment). But that’s approximately 42 extra minutes with The Boys…always a good thing.
  • Supernatural won TWO…yes I said TWO People’s Choice Awards. Best Drama and Best Sci-fi.
  • I got a black eye.

  • I started taking photographs again.
  • I learned how to digitally alter photos.
  • I wrote more poetry than in the previous 52 years.
  • I worked on the book. It is progressing – slowly but it is going forward.
  • A lovely lady by the name of Dragonkatet drew Wraith (a character from The Book) for me…isn’t he lovely ???

  • I started editing a film script I wrote in 2007.
  • We had the Rugby World Cup here in NZ and we won !!!!!

  • Chronicles did some winning as well. It received 30 awards in this past year.
9 of these…
3 of these…
6 of these…
2 of these…
3 of these…

And a bunch of others…



Not bad for a little blog from rural New Zealand !!!!!!!

  • I chased off Jehovah’s Witnesses.

  • I caught my first fish in New Zealand.

  • I became a pirate.

  • I practised speaking Yoda speak.

  • I made cakes and biscuits and jam.

  • I watched sunrises/sunsets/rain hitting the window/waves hitting the shore/birds and butterflies/got stung by wasps/thrown up on by the Demented Fox Terrier and the Me, Me, Me Cat.

When all is weighed and measured …

Right now back to today…

I just read a post on The Hook’s blog that was, well, inspiring. Especially because he did it – well half of it anyways – for his lovely VampireLover the day before Valentine’s Day. I love it when people thumb their noses at Valentine’s Day but do it romantically.

There will be no cards in my mailbox.

No flowers delivered.

No chocolates.

No candlelight dinner.

No hot sex on the stairs.

No hot sex anywhere actually.

Not even lukewarm sex.

No canoodling even…

Are you feeling all awwwwwwww yet ??

No need !!!

Because I don’t have to worry about shaving/waxing ANYTHING…

I don’t have to wear undies that chafe between my butt cheeks or bras that push the boobies up under my chin.

I don’t have to ohhhh and ahhhhhh over something that isn’t really all that pretty just to make someone else feel GOOD.

There is no trying to remember what I forgot to put on the shopping list while making appropriate noises at appropriate moments without giving away the fact that you are actually not really hitting the right spot there.

I can spend the day doing only what makes me feel good.

Like watch the following…

or take a walk in the sun…

maybe along the beach…


  1. And there’s me feeling pleased with myself for hitting 10,000 in 8 months! Well done, you have achieved so much in a year. One more thing that’s happened – you’ve found a friend in England πŸ˜‰ I’m so glad I found you, you make me laugh, cry, smirk, heck even think sometimes! Keep it up, I look forward to you for breakfast each day!


    1. You have me for breakfast ??? Well that’s a new one…love it !!

      Thank you Gilly, you have been so supportive. I really appreciate it !!! Now…did you watch the vids ?? Especially the ‘You’re too big to fit in here’ and ‘it’s raining men’ ones…hope so. I was imagining your reaction when I put them in !!!


    1. Thanks Cap’n…
      So – did you actually watch any of the vids ??
      And you can keep calling me cool anytime you want. I don’t mind AT ALL,

      oh and FYI…I love being a pirate…


      1. Shame on me, I haven’t watched ’em yet, but I will.
        Oh, and about all that stuff you’re ‘not’ doing for Valentines day. If you’ll do all the manual work on your side of the world, I’ll set the mood and get things started on my side of the world. Shaving and waxing is optional. πŸ˜‰


  2. Great post, Jo… I’ll have to call back to check the videos (I’m always trying to catch up, and always running out of time!!!)
    I don’t ‘do’ Valentine’s Day myself, although I’ve kind of made a bit of an effort this year and gone a little overboard with it. I’ve even ‘got in the zone’…
    Time zones confuse me however, so happy Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday (I’m guessing it’s still Tuesday but at least I’ve covered all angles here!) whenever Valentine’s Day falls for you!
    I’ll be back soon! πŸ˜€


      1. Awwwwwwwwwwww thanks Tom.

        It is Tuesday morning (just). Hope your ‘going all out’ reaps you lots of benefits…
        Let me know what you think of the vids when you come back.


        1. Fun videos, Jo – I’ve finally managed to watch them! The ‘You’re Too Big’ video is quite funny – especially when everyone started to join in!
          I think I’ll have to have a look at Supernatural again – I haven’t really watched any of the episodes – it’s that ole time thing again!


  3. A great post JO and happy blog birthday, 650 subscribers how the hell, i’m pleased with 144.
    I wish i knew your secret, how many are you subscribed to. I think the pirate photo is the best yet.


  4. Wow now THOSE are some SERIOUS accomplishments for a year! πŸ˜€ WOOT! Congrats on all that, chickadee! The sweetest thing video was HILARIOUS. And I’m still thrilled you liked the picture of Wraith. πŸ™‚ Happy Hallmark Holiday (Valentine’s) and definitely happy Blog Birthday to YOUUUUUU! I made you a cake…lol…. (hope that link worked….)


          1. You can’t just add images here in the comments.

            I use photobucket. I save the images there then copy the direct link, click on image in the comment edit box and add the link there.


          2. Actually I don’t think you can do that on other people’s blogs – has something to do with stopping spamming.

            Silly as you can put videos in comments…


  5. I love reading your blog every day since you are just you on your blog. I love the honesty and genuineness. And you make me laugh! Congrats on such a successful year!


  6. Just checking in on you, I mean that Pirate Jo
    is just too wicked if you ask me and I think that
    you are already having a ghoulishly nice time πŸ™‚

    Happy Valentine’s Day Jo πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

    Androgoth XXx


  7. Super cool. I do watch Supernatural and other horror series like Vampire Diaries, True Blood and Secret Circle….I think they’re awesome…Happy Valentine’s Day… pictures.


  8. All the words have been chosen by the time I got here. DARN …. okay so 2 nd everyone’s thoughts. But, I do want to say you are a great person with a personality that is star quality. I’d love to sit and chat with someone with so much to say. It never gets boring to read what you have to say. Congratulations on all of your accomplishments. You’re an inspiration to strive to reach those numbers and goals. BRAVO !!!


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