Sunday Post: Expression

One definition of expression: conveying of thoughts or feelings: the communication of thoughts or feelings.

I think that there are times when all it takes is the gleam in an eye to express what one is thinking…particularly this eye.

exposed, a flagrant


pass by in stealth

rustle not the air with

eager ambitions to lay

soft hands upon

silken fur, mistaking

idless harmonic repose as




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  1. Jo you rock! an acrostic (I think) so original!
    I think I’ve seen your eye photo before and I love it, this is an example of why I’m amazed you use a point and shoot.


    1. I went back over posts ’cause I did think I had used it – but couldn’t find it anywhere. One of these days I have to get organised so I know what has and hasn’t been used, and yep it is an acrostic…
      Found it…that does it. Organisation is going to happen whether I like it or not !!!


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