You can vote !!!!

More on that in a minute.

But first…

I went out to Waihi Beach for a wonderful 2 1/2 hour walk last night with Chevvy and a friend. So I took some photos with my trusty Nokia cellphone.

My baby !! Isn't she just gorgeous ???

And this is a little taste of what we saw.



A very different sight from the last time I talked about the beach…when the container ship Rena broke apart and the debris washed up all along resulting in a huge clean up operation.

If you want a reminder of how it looked then : The Rena finally breaks apart.


NOW…back to voting.

The Dark Globe February Shoot off has closed for judging for the three catagories.

However – should you wish to you can pop over to ‘the clock has struck 12’ and cast a Readers Choice vote for the photo that does it for you.

Your vote doesn’t show on the page so


There are some really amazing photos up.

It is worth it to have a look !!!

Just to remind you…these are my submissions.


# 18 on the list


# 41 on the list

People At Work

# 56 on the list

If you click on the link or any of the photos it will take you to the voting page.

Now – GO CRAZY !!!!

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  1. Lovely photos as always Jo – I especially like the next to last one, the three gulls(?) at the edge of the water. But the part that amazes me is that you posted those dreadful photos of the Rena aftermath only a month ago…how have things improved so much so fast?


    1. We are very industrious are we Kiwis. It was the whole town out and in to it for days that managed to clean everything up. No messing about here…


        1. So was I with the way they got into it and got rid of all the gunk…that’s Kiwis for you !!! We don’t like gunk messing with our beautiful country…


  2. I love the background to your blog! Even with all the fancy camera equipment we have you sometimes can’t beat a photo taken on a cell phone. Good luck with the photos, I am off to vote.


    1. Thank you so much !!! I love that pic of Chevvy as well – she was having soooooo much fun. When I had to put her on the lead for a while (other dogs about) she looked crushed…we spent so long out there just walking and the day changed around us with a slideshow of wonderful colours.


    1. Chewwy – Chewwy ???
      She won’t be happy with you dear lady…CHEVVY is her name. Full name: Chevrolet – why we have two V’s I still don’t know…
      But yes she is back to herself – even killed a poor bird in my lounge room this morning…grrrrrrrrrrrr


      1. :O lol oh my gosh, I’m so sorry Chevvy! it looked like a “w” on my screen and I thought that was a cute reference to her being a chewer or something. Doh! Aw, poor bird. 😦


        1. She forgives you she says…
          It was horrible because she had it behind my computer desk…feathers/blood/guts EVERYWHERE and in tight corners.
          I was NOT pleased.


  3. You are such a trooper. I think one reason we get along is that we are both “beach people.” We commune with the ocean and couldn’t live without it. I was raised on the East Coast of the USA, then moved to the West Coast when I was in my late Thirties. Can’t imagine living more than an hour’s drive from the ocean. I need to commune with the waves, and the birds and the energy of the sea.


    1. My dream is to one day live on the beach…I love the sand, the waves, the grasses, the birds, the salt, the air…all of it really. Now if only those kiddywinkles of mine would get their acts together and make millions they could buy me that house !!!


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