My Photos, My Poetry

Arid Scholar

walk in to the light

that your shadow will grow larger


35 thoughts on “Arid Scholar”

    1. Hmmmmmm…such an interesting question. I have a little point and shoot digital camera that doesn’t allow me to play with apertures. I guess I am just lucky that these shots work when they do.


    1. You have good eyesight for an old bloke Harry – I had to look to find what the heck you were talking about. But I found him…eventually…hehehe. Caught myself two – yes two – snapper that morning, and last night had fresh snapper for dinner. Yummo !!!


    1. Actually Gilly THAT one was taken with my cell phone – which is also point and shoot I guess, but the laptop was away AGAIN for repairs and I had forgotten to take the memory card out of it, so all I had was the cellphone. Might I say the camera on the cellphone is kinda awesome – for a point and shoot camera – but the cellphone is just way to technical for me…I want my old uncomplicated one back !!!!
      Speaking of point and shoot – I was just looking at the background on this page – the ferns – and thinking: ‘Hey that’s not bad for a point and shoot.’ It is a Panasonic Lumix $200 job, but I DO like it most days. It even took the one of Charlie for the PEACEFUL challege, so it can stay for now…hehehehe


        1. The kiddywinkles bought me a lovely simple Nokia for the last birthday. It was easy to use, but I lost it (actually someone handed it in, but we haven’t been able to get it to work since – damn) and a friend gave me her old Smartphone. Trouble is the phone is smarter than me !!!!
          Did you say it dances – can you video that please and put it up for me to see…I want to see THAT…hehe


  1. You sure pack a lot of punch in two lines. I’ve listened to people talk for hours, and not be this profound. Great photo by the way. I use my cell phone and a simple point and shoot also. I’ve found they take really cool pictures when looking directly into the light. I guess they can’t adjust very well, so the images are always exotic, like I edited them or used a special lens. Great job on both!


    1. Never did like or enjoy waffle Cap’n…glad you like the photo. I think you might be right about the adjustment not working…it is usually the bad ideas/things that don’t work that are the coolest…don’t you agree ??


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