When a cake is not simply a cake…


Come the 2nd of February this year this sweet boy is turning 21.

As I did for The Daughter…the plan was to make a cake. Something like this one…

Classy – maybe not so girly, but still – well – nice.

Thanks to The Daughter I am now making The Son a different style of cake…very, very different.

Cake number 1

A banana cake just out of the oven…

Cake number 2

Also straight out of the oven – but this time a chocolate one…

Any of you bright sparks out there figured out what this cake will look like when finished ??

I’ll keep you posted as I go shall I ??

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  1. What a great photo of him! I hope he has a great bday! And I can’t wait to see the rest of the cake…my mouth is watering.


    1. 1 more cake to bake and then it is assembly time before I have to take it up to him on Saturday…wish me luck I am going to need it with this cake !!!!!!


  2. Love the look and sound of both cakes…I, too, just made my first ever banana cake the other day, to my family’s delight…But chocolate….Yummy! Whatever your cake ends up looking like, I’m sure your son will love it. Happy Birthday to him for Thursday…xxx


    1. Thanks Didi – he has to work on the day – but the barbecue should be fun on Saturday. I am looking forward to it as I get to see his new house for the first time, and meet his partner’s family.


    1. You are so twisted – and almost right – it is two boobs…
      The parts I am worried about are the nipples though – how to make them without looking fake…


  3. How children grow fastly… I remember my son too, when he was a baby! he is now a young man. Happy Birthday for your son, he is so lovely 🙂 But your cake seems so beautiful too. You are amazing dear Jo, Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia


  4. Maybe it comes from being a Pirate, but i knew it was going to be a breast cake as soon as i saw the first picture. I’m with DP on this one, you can never go wrong with a cherry. 😉


  5. How Quickly they grow, and who would have thought that butter would have melted once upon a time… will look out for the finished Birthday Cake.. Hope all is well down under xx Love and Blessings to you Jo.. ~Sue x


  6. Your third evil follower – as soon as I saw the second cake I said, “Okay, what do 21 year old guys like to see, that come in pairs? I KNOW!” Comes from having a husband and two sons, I guess.


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