Weekly Photo Challenge: Hope


In 1993 when I arrived in Katikati the main street would be empty by 4 pm.

Now, going in to town means crossing your fingers and hoping for that elusive parking space.

When I arrived here I was full of HOPE. Some of those hopes have been realised, some not.

I remain hopeful.

That many good things still await me.

Katikati has given me that – HOPE…

The bird in the sign is a native to New Zealand: a Pukeko.


These girls are a Katikati legend in the making. Bridget Martin and Kelsi Morris-Bullot are the Tangible Titans and the following clip is a tribute they wrote to Katikati called The Land of Dreams. Bridget played soccer with my son through college.

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And here are a few to start with…

jmeyersforeman photography


Back Seat View




Jumbled Contents Of My Head


For more Katikati info: Katch Katikati



    1. Glad you like it – it is bizarre as we are a small town. However we are between two pretty big destinations and the highway goes right through the main town centre – it is a sore point but we can’t seem to get a bypass no matter how hard we try…


  1. We all arrive somewhere with hope, its keeping it going when we have got there that is the secret


  2. Katikati sounds like a wonderful town… except for the small parking problem. Loved the video! Great entry Jo. i hope that all of your hopes are realised soon!


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