Happy Birthday Dean Winchester…


One of The Boys is celebrating a birthday today.

On January 24, 1979 Dean was born to Mary and John Winchester in Lawrence, Kansas.

Theirs was a love match ordained by Heaven

Mary and John with a young Dean

and they sure do make yummy babies…

So here are a few of my favourite shots of the oldest Winchester son.

While you’re perusing this fine piece of manhood here is one of Dean’s favourite two songs to listen to.

I’ll put the other further down.

This could be a loooonnnnngggg post as there are a lot of great photos of Dean.

So settle in people !!!


Happy 33rd birthday Dean !!






Dean’s one true love – his Baby…


Dean in C.S.I. mode…


Dean teaching Sammy how to look after his Baby



Dean’s other favourite Zeppelin song…


One last lingering look at the The Boy…


From me to you Dean Winchester – Happy, happy birthday…


11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dean Winchester…”

  1. OMG how can these ppl not know who DEAN WINCHESTER is!! i think this was beautifully done!! great pics, i can place each in an episode, (i think thats a clue we r fandom!) Are you on Twitter, because we Trended Worldwide a few times on the 24th Happy Bday Dean Winchester! i was just looking arount the web for fun videos n all n came across this 2day n LOVE it! GREAT JOB!


    1. Thanks Ariel – so glad you liked it !! yes I am on twitter – there is a twitter button on my home page…and I did notice all the Dean Winchester activity on the 24th.


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