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Stone # 24

your trust in me

is invoilate

its responsibility

leaves me gasping

dreaming you a voice

to make it easier to hear what you want to tell me


I’m taking part in the January 2012 River of Stones.

For more Stones see My Small Stones


My sweet Chevvy is unwell at the moment and as yet we haven’t been able to figure out what exactly is wrong.

I remember this feeling from when the kiddywinkles were babies and unable to tell me what and where it hurt.

I hate it.

I miss her bouncing, playful, bark at anything personality.

I am reminded of the obligation I took on when I cradled her soft puppy fur on the drive home.

And I feel ineffectual.


20 thoughts on “Stone # 24”

  1. I feel for you Jo! I hope he feels better. My Jack, my big golden retriever had an episode like that, too! We went to the vet and had some blood tests done. Turned out the culprits were blood parasites, those pesky fleas! He was tired all the time, not eating well and not his usual playful,active self. After a bout of antibiotics, he got well and is now happy.


    1. She is finally doing a little better – still not the perky, pain in the butt, bounce everywhere girl I am used to but she is not walking around almost curled up like a ball, though the tail is still droopy…


  2. So sorry your fur-baby is not feeling well! 😦 *hugs* Hope you discover what’s wrong soon! The write was spot on…wish they could talk to us in people-speak. But they have their own language and let us know, all the same.


    1. Yes they do – she let me know that she was not a happy girl – she is doing a little better, but not quite back to her old self yet – keep your fingers crossed that she keeps on improving. And thanks for the hugs.


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    1. Thank you so much Connie – I am thrilled with the honour.
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