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Weekly photo challenge: Simple




These statues are spread about Waihi.

They represent a time when living here was about the simple things in life.

I really love the first one and the contrast of the statue against modern life.


For more representations on the theme SIMPLE visit The Daily Post.


Here are a few links to get you started…

pix & kardz



Fernland Photos




74 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Simple”

    1. Thanks. I was really happy with how they turned out – the day was really sunny and it was difficult to see the monitor so it was a real click and hope that I actually got anything in the frame at all…hehehe


    1. Awwww thanks Hook – but these were really luck. I couldn’t see the monitor on the phone from the sun most of the time, so I simply prayed I was pointing it right, and that I actually had the camera on…hehe


  1. Nice shots Jo – especially for a phone camera! I always forget that I always have that camera in my pocket! I kind of like the second one – reminds me of childhood and a simpler time.


  2. Simple, yet profound, photos Jo! Love the statue of the mom giving her child a bath in the washtub. Thank you for the pingback.


  3. super jo, it is good to think of those simple times … i grew up with my grandparents who lived on the land … they knew how to recycle everything … it was a very simple life right to the outdoor dunny!


  4. aw, bless you for the pingback Jo!
    much appreciated!!
    i thought i’d commented using my smart phone – but i guess it wasn’t so smart after all πŸ™‚
    love this post – especially the first image. the b&w makes it so realistic – hard to imagine that there really isn’t a kid in a tub of water!
    thanks for sharing.


  5. Black and white was the color back in the 70’s. At least in my country. I am talking about the TV before according to my mother and I had seen B&W TV. What’s the point? Those pictures remind me of the simple life I left 12 years ago.


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