Better Than I Know Myself

I have been nutty over Adam Lambert since he didn’t win Idol…and he just keeps getting better.

It is from his upcoming album Trespassing.

I now know something else that is going on my Mother’s Day prezzie list.

Oh okay one more then…this is a favourite of mine off his last album For Your Entertainment.

I’m writing a story that is inspired by the title…and well all of it really.

I wish I was as brave as Adam is in showing off his uniqueness !!!


    1. I am trying to be – but this guy is the real deal. And I really admire him for being him. I admit that in what I have seen of them – I admire his parents too…for loving their son exactly as he is and nuturing him to the point where he is able to be this brave. It can still be a harsh world for anyone who dances to a tune not everyone hears.


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