Time After Time After Time.

This is my favourite episode so far this season. In trying to wrestle with a monster Dean ends up in 1944, working with Eliot Ness.

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Yes I mean the Eliot Ness who put Al Capone away back in the days.

Back in present day Sam has a helper – Sherriff Jodie Mills.

They are trying to figure out what happened to Dean.

Seems the monster Dean disappeared with is actually a God. The God of time…Chronos. Much like the movie The Time Traveler’s Wife the assumption here is that time travel is random and uncontrollable.

Chronos is tossed about through time, but by feeding on three people he acquires enough ‘juice’ to be able to control where he goes.

And Chronos has fallen in love with a woman from the forties, so all his efforts are in trying to get back to her.

Turns out Eliot Ness is also a hunter…how cool is that !!!

It was inspired to send Dean back and not Sam. Dean is such a nerd for all this stuff under that tough guy persona he works so hard on.

What fun to watch Dean and Eliot work together. Dean is of course a huge fan of the movie The Untouchables. Accordingly there are some great Kevin Costner and Sean Connery references.

I must say that while present day Dean is a hottie…forties Dean is a knock out !!!

Sam and Jodie work out a summoning spell for Chronos, but to get Dean back Chronos has to be touching Dean when the spell is cast – tricky timing wise.

But with a bit of Back to the Future shenanigans Dean leaves a letter in the house where he and Sam were squatting, for Sam to find 68 years in to the future. Now they have a date. With a little help from the woman Chronos was in love with they manage to get a time.

Dean and Chronos arrive back leaving a seriously pissed off Chronos telling the boys their future is covered in thick black ooze after Sam stabs him with a stake made from a 1000 year old olive tree, carved by vestal virgins and dipped in blood – what or who the blood came from they keep a secret.

With Jodie around there are a few references to Bobby. I still haven’t recovered from them killing Bobby off. This being Supernatural there is hope that we will see him again. Maybe he is the one who drank Dean’s beer last week…hmmmmmm.


  1. This was my favorite episode as well! How cool is that?
    The ending was kick-ass! My daughter thought it was cool they had the “Mom from Zack and Cody”!


    1. It was all so good – where the writers get the ideas from for this show – I wish I could tap into some of that !!!
      I love Sherriff Jodie Mills – right from the first time she was in the show.
      I had always hoped they would start up a romance between her and Bobby but they killed him off. I miss Bobby already.


    1. Oh it is that ! There is so much humour in it, and then you find yourself (as I did the two weeks before) numb with sadness over an episode.
      Death’s Door had me on the sofa crying like a baby…


    1. I do love TB’s and the stuff they get in to…I am having serious 1967 Chevy withdrawal symptoms though.

      It is time BABY came back in to the fight !!!!


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