Thanks for asking people

I am fine

and Christchurch is 1012 klms

or 629 miles from Katikati.


If you want to know more about the earthquakes that hit Christchurch again yesterday

the New Zealand Herald has the latest news…


25 thoughts on “Earthquakes…”

    1. Thanks Harry – will do. I went through one just after we arrived here when we lived in Napier. It was quite small but scared the crap out of me. The Son (2 at the time) walked around for days shaking his head and asking: “No brrrrrrrr Mummy ?”

      Yep – we are right in ther in the Ring of Fire.


  1. Whle being involved with another web site last year, I knew that Christchurch had been hit before – either last year or early this year. Hopefully what had been rebuilt was done so to withstand damage. Glad you are OK and hoping most only had damage to things and not people. Things can be replace, though at the time it sometimes seems overwhelming.


    1. Two more buildings came down – one was already being demolished, the other a vacant house. Luckily there were no deaths, but a few minor injuries – lots of panic attacks etc. I don’t know how people are still living in the area. Since September 2010 it has been one quake after another. Nothing has been rebuilt yet. The going is terribley slow – and frustrating for the people still trying to sort out their lives down there.


  2. SoOo relieved, my dear, dear Jo. I kinda knew you were fine though, since I had you here with me singing along to Christmas music while I was making peppermint patties, peppermint bark and pies:) But…thank you soO much for reassuring all of us:) You are loved, Jo.


  3. Hi Jo.. Im so pleased you are ok and live where you do.. I just want to add my own Christmas wishes to your household.. I hope you Have a Great Day.. Today I think as you are one day in front.. So Happy Christmas.. And Love and Peace for 2012… Bug Hugs your way.. Sue~Dreamwalker xxx


  4. See what happens when I’m away for awhile, you get earthquakes! Glad you’re safe though. I’m so used to earthquakes occurring, I usually don’t stop what I’m doing and just wait for them to stop. I’ll try to catch something if it falls, and I’m close. Or shall I say, used to. Earth quakes don’t bother Pirate ships much. The boat may rise on the tide or rock a little, but everything goes up and comes down together. Usually don’t even spill my Pirate tea. 😉


  5. Thanks to everyone for all the good wishes and happiness at my being far away from this all – due to ongoing computer issues, posts, replies to comments, as well as visits to other blogs…are still few and far between. Hopefully that will change soon…


  6. Great illustrations! Glad you are okay. I live in Los Angeles, another pinpoint on the Ring of Fire. We haven’t had a serious earthquake in quite a few years, so that only means we are that much closer to the Big One. Poor Japan really took one on the chin last year, but it sounds as though the ones that hit Christchurch were pretty bad too. They are scary, even the little ones. Best wishes, Russell


    1. Thanks – the February ones were devastating…but since then it seems to heve been one long aftershock. I don’t know how the people get up each morning and go on with their lives…I truly don’t.


  7. We had an earthquake here in Virginia in August of 2011. It was only the 2nd one I’ve ever experienced; the suspected cause was fracking (I’m not sure that I spelled that right). Looking at your map, I would think, being surrounded by sea, you would be terrified. What is the chance of a Tsunami hitting you? I’m curious since obviously I am not familiar with your beautiful Island.


  8. We do have tsunami warning alarms in place, but seriously I wonder if we would even hear them. Whether we could get hit would depend largely on where the earthquake was centred i believe – but as with wherever anyone lives there are always risks in nature.


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