What I thought of Scorpio Rising

They say that adversity makes you stronger. If that is true then the characters of Alex Ivanov and Brigitte Dartois are two of the strongest characters you’ll likely ever meet.

I really enjoyed Scorpio Rising and read it in a couple of days. I would have read it in one sitting had the laptop been at home, because I immediately felt varying emotional pulls for these two.

You just want things to work out for these characters.

I guess it has to do with our urge to root for the underdog.

Many writers have used this in their books, and it can be cliche – luckily in Scorpio Rising, Monique Domovitch has resisited the temptation to go there. Her characters remain believable and sympathetic.

Alex is driven to put the life of poverty behind him, and from a very young age works harder than some adults I’ve known to achieve that. You sense the drive in him the way the words race across the page with the urgency Alex feels.

Brigitte’s story is tragically realistic. I just wanted to pick her up and drag her home to protect her.

The courses they are traveling eventually bring them in to contact, and again Monique delighted me by not going straight down the cliched road.

This book’s author did…

Their interaction is interesting, and had me hooked.

The struggles life puts us through are what will usually eventually define us. Sometimes for good, and sometimes for bad. And the wires can get crossed so easily. Monique has created both a world and characters that epitomise just that conundrum of life and the journeys we take through it.

Monique Domovitch – Author Scorpio Rising

So for now…

The Sting of the Scorpio.


To read an excerpt from the book click here: Scorpio Rising


  1. Great review, Jo. I just love it when pictures are used to enhance the words. Your choices made me laugh too, and I kind of want that t-shirt now 😀

    Would you be the bestest blogger ever and cross-post this review to Amazon and GoodReads to help up exposure for Ms. Monique?

    Thank you very much, and Merry holidays!


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