Weekly Photo Challenge: Self Portrait

This is an older photo of me – but it represents exactly how I see myself.

How I have ALWAYS seen myself.

Slightly apart from the rest of the world – an observer…


62 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Self Portrait”

  1. I’ve always seen myself as pretty much of an observer as well, but whenever I’ve attempted to photograph a self portrait I always come across as a goofy dork. Your photo turned out cool–sly, elusive, and with a qurky sense of humor. Nice shot.

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  2. Hey nice photo! You probably were an observer and may still be one but I’d like to bet you like being who you are these days and can hold your head up high and celebrate your uniqueness. You’re fab!


  3. a terrific capture – although i suspect beneath all the observing, there is probably some enjoying, partaking and sharing going on, too. your posts certainly demonstrate that, and i for one appreciate what that aspect about them 🙂
    thanks for another great post!


  4. You’re right, it’s very hard to find a picture of oneself that is above self critique. I absolutely LOVE this pic of you, though! I really like the look you have in your eyes in this one…There is wisdom, impishness and definitely a sense of adventure shining out. Now when I think of you, I won’t be able to keep from thinking of this picture of you! 🙂


    1. Oh well this aussie/kiwi is feeling very grand after reading this comment…not that there was a lot of wisdom going on in that head in the day…no not a lot at all…hehehe


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