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V is for Venerous

a smokey blanket slithers

smooth softness

raising the down on my skin

warm sweat sparks

from fingertip to crux

a fiery plethora

builds and flows

and I know

torment abides

to tease with the

taste of your flesh


venerous = lustful

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32 thoughts on “V is for Venerous”

  1. At first glance I thought it said V is for Venereal. Anyway, I love your poetry as usual. This brief little piece almost had a kind of “KiwiAussie Haiku” feel to it, but who wants to quibble about syllables?


  2. I wish I could write poetry as well as you. I loved taking creative writing courses when I was younger, until we came to the poetry section. I’m just not good at it. We do love coming up with haikus in my household though. Your poem is just lovely. Thanks for sharing.


    1. That is a wonderful compliment but I don’t think I”d say I am very good at it either. Not when I see other work that is out there. I did poetry papers at university, and was lucky enough to have great tutors. Patient, encouraging, and very demanding of the striving to reach an ideal…no excuses, and from them I learned a great deal.


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