I won something !!!

I am a competition junkie.

Oh yes – it is my one vice.

It all started back in the seventies when I won a Stevie Wright album.

And I still have this ablum...

My first WIN.

One year the rumour went around town that I had won lotto. I wish !! It was New Year’s Eve and I did win a couple of hundred dollars.

Me being me…I got a little excited, which The Son mentioned at kindergarten. We had just bought a new (new for us at least) car, and boy were we popular all of a sudden.

There have been a few wins over the years.  Socks. CD’s, books, that sort of stuff.

A few months ago I won a ferry trip to Waihiki Island off Auckland for two people and a car.

I gave it to the kiddywinkles who had a great day tripping around.

Every little win gives me a thrill. Well…nearly every little win,

A week ago a parcel arrived in the mail. I had won an official merchandise package from a movie. Unfortunately I had just been to see the movie with The Daughter, and it sucked !!!

Maybe I can sell it to some crazed fan...

I have to say it – the movie Breaking Dawn stinks. And this from a woman who likes the other three movies and the book.

Health and Longetivity Warning – DO NOT GO AND SEE IT !!!!

It is two hours you will never get back – and you’ll regret having wasted them.

Yesterday I found out that I had won a book.  Not just any book though. One I really loved all ready – and the author (Kenneth G. Bennett) is autographing it for me.

How cool is that !!!

I recently wrote a review for The Gaia Wars as part of a blogaganza.

I like THAT word.  My initial reason to take part was the gaining of a bunch of books to read, second was – okay I’ll be truthful – the chance of prizes.

But to win something that I loved, that has made my week.

Christmas come early.

It is Stevie Wright all over again.

There’ll be…


  1. Of course you are a winner; people read your ‘shtufffs’ and they like what they read – or does that make me a winner as I like what find here.
    I think in grade 3 I correctly guessed the number of jelly beans in a jar. No cash prize, just got to keep the beans.


  2. Not a bad prize that Jo, I wonder what Santa is bringing you? 🙂
    BTW – I am back, well sort of, for now anyway, well, erm… lol 😉

    Androgoth XXx


  3. Good for you, Jo.
    I haven’t seen any of those vampire movies but my two (and all of their friends) say it’s the best one of the series so far!?! Oh well, you can always send it over to Oz – the girls could always fight over it! : D


    1. When we were in the loo after a tween was gushing about how she seen it twice and it was awesome, and Edward was awesome, and Jacob was awesome – but man I just…it was terrible. Boring. They should never have split the book up. And they threw in all this bad CGI stuff…
      What a shame I only won 1. They could split the bag and keyring, and give Mum the candle to burn…


    1. A book deal I hope…
      Then fame and fortune so I can travel the world and stalk all the people who leave funny comments on here – you’re top of the list Harry…hehe


  4. I just don’t get those Vampire movies….I had heard all the hype about one of the first ones, and it happened to be the movie on the plane I was on, so I thought, good, now I can see it. Wrong! Not good. I don’t get it. Insipid to the core!
    Oh, well, now that I’ve vented, congrats on your prize 🙂


    1. Remembering what they are – teenage angst movies really – they weren’t bad. But this one is awful, really awful. Thanks for the congrats. I’m thrilled.


  5. Here’s one crazy Twilight fan. You’re lucky! The most expensive price my grandma won, was a jar of cookies. Still, the cookies were good!


    1. No matter how small the prize – it just gives me a buzz to win. But I have to say that winning an autographed copy of a book that I enjoyed as much as I did this one – it’s better than the lotto win by far. My Kenneth G. Bennett signed copy of The Gaia Wars will be a much loved and treasured possession.


  6. Wow, you are lucky with competitions! I’m not obsessed with entering prize-winning competitions, but I do enter them occassionally. I never win though and I’ve learnt not to expect it 🙂 It must be nice to win something you really like and value, so well done for that and good luck in the future!
    And thanks for the movie review…My husband and I were thinking whether we should go and see it (a lot of advertising everywhere), but I don’t think we’ll bother now. We’ll probably choose a family film instead and watch it at home 😉 xxx


    1. Hi Didi – at one point The Daughter and I almost started laughing (but the thought of crazed tweens turning on us kept us silent) when it got to what had to be THE WORST SCENE IN A MOVIE EVER. The rest of it was just plain old boring. And I did enjoy the book. I think they just are trying to milk as much money as they can from it, hence breaking the book in to two movies. I would have thought that Stephenie Meyer (being a producer on the movie) would have had more sense than to let them butcher the story the way they did. Who knows – perhaps she succumbed to the draw of the almighty dollar as well. It made me laugh to see her in the movie – she is a wedding guest.
      I am thrilled to have won the book. The Twilight win though I think I will send to a friend in Australia, and let her twin daughters fight over it…


  7. Congrats on win! And thanks for the tip about Breaking Dawn. I almost saw it this past weekend. Sounds like a pass. When I was little I won $88 playing keno in Vegas. My parents made the bet for me. That was my first big win, and so far it is turning out to be my last.


    1. Thanks. 🙂 Wow Vegas – and a win – sounds like fun. Someone once told me that you if you’re lucky in love you’re never lucky in other areas (gambling/competitions/etc) sort of balancing out the good stuff I guess. Well love has never been my lucky spot, so I guess the universe feels I could use some compensation…hehe


    1. In more ways than I can count sometimes…thanks Hook. Glad to hear Vampire Lover agrees…would hate to upset her on the subject of fanged critters.


  8. Congrats Jo! 🙂 By the way, I have not seen the film Breaking Dawn yet, but I have all the books and have read all of them! The books were good though!


    1. Hi there – I did like the books. I thought there was a lot of unused potential for some great stories. I do think someone should have given the last two a proper edit though – they needed a bit of trimming (in my opinion) in some areas. but the movie was a real bummer…


  9. Wow Jo, you must be the lucky one. Congrats on all your winnings and that latest one must be very precious to you. And as Bluebee said, keep on winning! 🙂


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