My Poetry

U is for Unbosom


a family tree

of knotted ebony

broken branches

in the elements


parallel existences

touching ?



but when ferocious storms strike


buried in dense foliage


‘shush’ the wind

whispers and rushes

to cover the sound


one small sound


searching for light

clean air


a place to cleanse

the past

cry it in to the world


ungag the silence

remove the mask

break the shackles


speak freedom in to being

life in to truth

being in to life

let fly the truth


unbosom = to pour out; to tell freely


This week’s contribution for ABC Wednesday


16 thoughts on “U is for Unbosom”

  1. Giggling at “unbosom” because of my great-aunt Rilla, who insisted that we never, ever refer to the white meat of the chicken as the “breast”. It was the chicken’s bosom! I always thought it sounded much worse, but mom said, “Hush. When you’re in your aunt Rilla’s house, you use her words”. Gave me a neat memory, anyhow.

    And “unbosom” gave you a great poem.


    1. Thanks Jake – I try – but it is hard with trying to load things with such a slow computer. I do also have a life so when it all takes soooooooo long, well except for the post the other day – I just get on with other stuff instead.


  2. I love this series of poems; just one word and you soar into the ether. Brilliant description of a family tree: ‘knotted ebony’ and ‘broken branches’. And the feeling of freedom you gradually build to after the ‘dense foliage’ is wonderful. Your ‘ABC’ poems would make a wonderful collection.


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