New Zealand dog food ads…

I was sent the following by an Australian friend who, amazingly to me (I thought us Aussies were pretty broad-minded) asked if they were not somewhat risqué.

I will leave it for you to decide.

Are they too much for you ???

I’ve never seen the ads here myself – but anything is possible in Kiwiland…

In case you don’t believe me…here are some more to illustrate my point.

I LOVE the Kiwi sense of humour.


  1. Are they risque -yep. Are they shocking – not to my way of thinking (didn’t really find them that clever nor imaginative either -did you?). I do think there are people who will find them offensive. I assume they were intended for a particular media and demographic.Now if their intent was to have a greater good in mind I would be more likely to give them a second look. That doesn’t appear to be the case. But shocking ad campaigns with a greater good in mind, get criticized as well. As in the Pope and the imam of the Al-Azhar mosque, depicted as kissing in a Benneton ad campaign -which Benneton hoped would encourage tolerance an a loving attitude towards others (that particular one was pulled, as am sure Bentneton knew they would do).


    1. I’d never seen that one – interesting.

      I think the dog ads were just meant to be topical – more topical, more sales.
      But I am a big fan of NZ ads – they usually go that bit further – which I admit to liking.


  2. Personally I don’t find them shocking or offensive. I’m glad to see that the kiwis aren’t too god damn sensitive, like they are in some other english speaking countries…


  3. I confess they made me snigger! would I want my under sixteen family member to see it? probably not but its a sign of how sex is used to sell everything. Do we need to connect dogs with sex?
    It wouldn’t happen here and again you’ve surprised me!


  4. I’m no prude
    but never confuse sex with food 😀

    Call me a Calvinist (although, nothing could be further from the truth) but I don’t like those dog food ads at all and can just imagine the creative team who came up with the airbags and mini ad childishly tittering (no pun intended) over their “inspired creativity” – yuk!


    1. Okay well I have to admit to looking up Calvinism just to be sure I knew what that was…
      I like to confuse – no wait – maybe that’s combine – sex and food…hehehe


  5. I thought they were great! I don’t get sensitivity about sex.

    And I’m back to regular visits! Thanks for bearing with me through that mad rush of post- season games to cover and radio interviews over the Penn State scandal, etc. You’re the best!


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