Lab Testing Beagles in New Zealand

Poppy died 72 hours after she arrived at her new owners.

Shamefully we in New Zealand also allow these dreadful practises to occur.

The Valley Animal Research Centre opened in 2005 in the Manuwatu.

This facility to test drugs on animals was run by bio-pharmaceutical scientist Allen Goldenthal.

The factory has since closed, but during its years of operation it tested drugs on Beagles – who are the breed of choice for end stage drug testing because to their accepting, compliant and docile nature.

The couple who ran the lab also had their own Beagle breeding facility.

Now the lab is closed Margaret Harkima, who was a director of the research lab, as well as being the estranged wife of Goldenthal, has been selling puppies and dogs to people without telling them they came from a testing lab facility.

Many New Zealanders have offered to take the rest of these dogs.

But many more have come to light today, people whose dogs and puppies have died after they were purchased from this woman.

Our TV3 News has more from those heartbroken dog owners today, the day after many of these owners watched last night’s programme and found out where their dogs had really come from.

More on The Beagles freed from a Spanish lab can be found here.


  1. Disturbing and upsetting. Still, being one of balance, I am all for the ‘idea for a greater good’ but I have limits to what should be tolerated or accepted.


  2. In Belgium and the other contries of the European Union, tests on animals except mice and rats are illegal and strictly forbidden. And even for mice and rats there are laws !


    1. Oh how I wish that were the case here Gattina. I didn’t realise we did this until this all came out in the news recently – and I am deeply ashamed that we allow it to happen here.


  3. This is so cruel! If people are cruel or even indifferent to animals, you can be sure that they are also cruel and indifferent to people. In our country we have an Animal Party to defend the rights of animals, yet there are many farmers who don’t handle their animals as they should do.. There are a lot of so called mega pigsties, where sometimes 1000 pigs have to live. They never go outside and have very limited space. They can hardly move. It’s heartbreaking to see these pigs. What a life!!


  4. This is truly outrageous Jo, the way that man treats animals
    aroung the globe is disgusting and needs to be stopped, you
    know nobody seems to care a jot about our animals do they?

    By the way…

    I am doing some refurbishing inside my Space so don’t be
    thinking that I have shut you out for good, I am changing a
    few things but you will be able to access it again soon and
    I am very sorry about not informing you about it…

    Have a lovely day and evening now Jo and be good 🙂 😉

    Androgoth XXx


    1. I agree with it being outrageous.
      I feel much better now – when I wasn’t allowed in I wondered if I had been naughty in some way…hehehe
      🙂 😉


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