Awkward moments

…when you realize that your friend’s ‘fat arm’ makes you look naked in the office party photo.

Don’t blame me – this was an e-mail a friend sent me…


      1. Pervert, that’s made my day, i’ve never been called that before 😆
        Wait to you read my next post , its all about perverts.

        Can you help / tell me how to put photos , videos , and smlieys into my comments on my site and then other sites.


        1. Oh I knew what you were ages ago – just had to wait to tell you…hehehe

          You can’t put photos into other peoples comments – but you can do videos. Find the video you want. Copy the URL and paste it in to the comment.
          As for putting photos into your own comments…
          Click on the ‘img’ box in the comment toolbar and paste in the URL of the photo. What I have done is to get an account at photobucket – stored a bunch of my photos there – at least I can’t lose them when the PC crashes as well (you can make them private/password accessible/public – whatever you want) and these are the photos I use for my comments.


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