Beagles freed from lab taking their first steps outside.

The following video footage brought me to tears.

These dogs have been kept in cages their whole lives in a lab and used for testing.

They have never known sunshine.

They have never felt grass.

They have never been able to interact with each other.

The Beagle Freedom Project rescued these dogs from product testing labs in Spain.

Gary Smith, spokesperson for the group said that ” because of their friendly, docile, trusting, forgiving, people-pleasing personalities, beagles are the preferred choice of dog for lab testing”.

To date the group has rescued some 72 dogs, 40 being taken to America to be rehomed after the rest were rehomed in Europe.

The following video shows you exactly what life is like for some lab animals.

I hope it horrifies you as much as it did me.





If you want to know more about who does and doesn’t test on animals when NOT legally required by law to do so the following links will provide more information.

Companies that DO test products on animals list.

Companies that DO NOT test products on animals list.


NEW ZEALAND is not immune to these dreadful practises.

Last night on TV a scandal involving beagles bred for a lab here was revealed:

Lab Testing Beagles in New Zealand


On another level – over at tbnranch is a wonderful post that will open your eyes about Industrial Mass Egg Production, and how labeling can misrepresent the facts.

While you’re there – have a wander about the pages – GREAT blog !!!


rumpydog brought to my attention another amazing circumstance.

Retailers selling real fur products while labeling them faux fur.

If you want to know more go on over and read: June Buggie Rants About ‘Faux Fur’ Incredibly they are not happy selling fur to people who want it – they also are selling it to those who don’t !!!!!!!


There are some wonderful caring individuals out there.

Today I came across a fabulous post about raising a fawn named Daisy: Being a Deer Mother…


    1. Me too – especially when we no longer need to do this. Animal testing is unnecessary with all the other avenues now available to test products. And quite frankly I think they should use people – if people want these products then use people to test them on.


    1. The thing I hate the most is when people believe they have the right of dominion over other species because they cannot vocalize their fear or pain as we do. It is my biggest disappointment in the human species.


        1. Thank you Robin – I wish they did as well. I actually think many do think in a similar vein, but we have become a stand back and watch what others do first society. I remember when my kids were at school and we had to address the bullying issue. One of the things I would try to get through was that not stepping in/not stopping such behaviour was in reality just another form of bullying. We value acceptance above right. And sadly we’ve taught our children to do the same – well some have. I have tried to make my kids realize that it is not only okay to go against the flow when you know it’s going the wrong way – it’s the better way to live.
          I like to think she might still pop in and at least read occasionally – I do miss her on here.


          1. Funny thing was that a lot of people disagreed with me at the time. Said that I was just making them targets. Maybe I was – but sometimes you just have to just put a bulls-eye on your chest. I really do miss her comments, our conversations, her sense of the ridiculous. I just hope she knows that.


    1. You are welcome – although there was joy in my heart seeing these beautiful animals experience love and freedom for the first time, there was deep rage at the fact that a video like this exists at all.


    1. The lists are shocking Gilly – when you realise how unnecessary animal testing is today – shame you didn’t watch the first video – seeing these animals experience sunlight, grass, each other, love for the first time – heavy but heartwarming.


  1. I tried to watch the second video, but couldn’t take it. I think people who torture animals are despicable.
    I did manage to watch all of the first video. I wish I could adopt more pets, but we already have 3 dogs and 1 cat. Maybe when my son-in-law, grandson, daughter and my daughter’s dog move out, we’ll look into adopting another pet.


    1. The second video is very hard to watch – especially when you know it is a pet food company. I refuse to have any Iams products in the house after I saw that. I wish I could take in more animals – but I do foster on occasion when the local vet in inundated with abandoned animals – that gives me some small satisfaction.


  2. Thanks for this post, Jo. The videos made me tear up, too. Those lists are simply incredible. I had NO idea that so MANY of those products/companies tested on animals. I remember seeing a documentary many years ago about how Revlon tested its cosmetics on animals. I never bought another piece of make-up from them again. Now I see that they are on the “don’t test” list, which makes me happy, but it’s hard to get over that bias that I have had for so long. I agree with a lot of what PETA does, I just don’t always agree with the way they go about doing it (the porn thing, for example). Thank the Gods that there are people like them out there, though, who are willing to stand up for our fur-babies who can’t speak for themselves!


    1. It is frightening how many companies still do test on animals. I agree with you about PETA – but while I may find some of their actions somewhat over the top – if it gets people to act/talk/think then I can live with that. And for all that, PETA does an incredible amount of hard work in their battles for animal welfare.


  3. Jo many thanks for highlighting their plights.. I cant however bring myself to watch the vid.. I know how awful such animals are treated in the name of scientific testing… And I know my mind will continue with the replay if I watch…
    Wising you well and love and hugs.. xxx


  4. How adorable they are the Dogs and Most the authority who will take care of them nice post Jo 🙂


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