R is for Reckling

last in line

grasp for nourishment

blind clawing

toward an instinctive destination

lonely in the crowd

disregarded particle of the collective identity

leftover afterthought

throwaway scrap

a step

for others




the before crowd

to rise from

last in line


reckling = smallest or weakest of a litter


For other thoughts on the letter R visit ABC Wednesday: R


This photo has been edited due to technical difficulties – i.e. it wasn’t very good.


On a lighter note – a band I like: The Candy Runts


36 thoughts on “R is for Reckling”

  1. Yes the runts of the litter always get left out…
    I have never heard of the Candy Runts but if
    you say that they are good, then so be it 😉

    Have a wicked one Jo 🙂

    Androgoth XXx


  2. I’ve always had a soft spot for runts. Something about helping the underdog win or something, I don’t know. Didn’t know this was another word for them. 🙂 Now I can say that I like the runts AND the recklings!


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