Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder

Yesterday one of the news headlines I read said this: The western black rhino in Africa has been declared extinct by the latest assessment of threatened species.

Another animal gone forever from the Earth. This one affected me deeply as I have seen the south-central black rhinoceros up close. In Ngorogoro Crater and in The Serengeti. Very close – too close for one mama rhino – she charged towards us in a territorial and protective parental display.

The south-central black rhinoceros I saw is in danger of extinction because of hunting/poaching for their horns. They are valued at about the same rate as gold, so that makes them valuable and deadly for the animal itself.

The reason I chose these photos for this weeks challenge is twofold.

1. The feeling of wonder I experienced when I was just a few metres away from this incredible animal. She was gentle with her calf, ferocious towards us, and stunning in her perfection.

2. In each day there is a moment where I wonder – what we humans think we are doing. And why so many of us think we have the right of dominion over other species. I wonder if it is possible for enough of us to learn from past mistakes before the damage we do to the Earth is irreversible.

Today – in sadness and to honour the passing of the western black African rhinoceros from our world I offer these.


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    1. Really sad when if they thought about it they could put them to sleep – saw it off and come back for more at a later date when the horn regrew…that is what a lot of conservationists are trying to do these days. They saw off the horns so there is no reason to kill the rhino – sadly not quickly enough for these guys.


  1. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’m not into any form of hunting or poaching although it is a massive debate and we should always consider both sides. I don’t like to think an animal has suffered because it has something that mankind wants for material purposes – totally wrong in my book!! Lovely pics and there for you to treasure always.


  2. Great pix, Jo, and more than that, a sobering reflection on our species’ stewardship of the planet, and our attitude to other species on it. If there is a Day of Judgement, I reckon we’ll have a lo of explaining to do.
    i am reading Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver. I think it might strike several chords with you if you’ve not yet read it.
    I don’t normally do the vote thing, but thought I’d make an exception here. Trouble was, I didn’t know what I was doing, and I gave it a lower rating than the five starts I intended. 😦


    1. Hi Isobel – glad you liked the photos – no worries about the voting (sweet of you to do that !!) I will have to go looking for it – will let you know what I think…


  3. Jo, incredibly sad about the western black rhino. Very thought provoking post. We had better start thinking about getting it right with regard to who we share the planet with. I am happy you were able to experience the wonder of this beautiful rhino. Your passion is refreshing!


  4. They have been relentlessly slaughtered here although it is against the law, poachers still manage to do it without getting caught, it is heartbreaking.


  5. It is a sad fate of a majestic creature because of man’s greed. Everyday another species will perish because of complete disregard of another living thing’s right to live because man continues to exploit nature for his sole, selfish reasons. When will we stop? What can we do about it? There are a lot of men and women out there with a genuine heart and compassion who strives to protect them but the world is to big for only a few to make a difference. Instead of wasting millions of dollars on political campaign or waisting money to build up reality shows with no values, why not use it to save an animal or even a hungry human being from their sad fate. Thank you for sharing a post that may change someones perception of things. You opened my eyes today.


  6. What a story!
    I am wondering often what would happen if people stopped hunting that king of species just for a peace of horn! I guess the world would be exactly the same except for the ten f…ing people who keep buying them on black markets.
    Maybe it’s time for us to hunt those guys who thinks “the world is them”, starting by David Guetta!!!

    Your story is a sad story… But it’s also a sparkle of hope which makes you think that one day, bad behaviors will stop!
    Well, I really hope so.
    World is always getting better in way… Less and less slaves, less ans less dictators, less and less poachers, ok, more and more assholes, but in a way, it’s still an improvement.


  7. You have been exceedingly busy with your postings Jo,
    I don’t always get your updates so I am amazed how many
    that I have missed… I hope that you are being goog? πŸ™‚

    Androgoth XXx


    1. Don’t worry ‘Goog’ is a form of wickedness
      but this is just the ‘PG’ version, the ‘X’ rated
      one is too naughty to print so hard lines πŸ˜‰

      Of course I meant to say Good, but you
      already knew that so everything is Ghoul,
      I mean everything is Cool πŸ™‚ lol

      Androgoth XXx


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