How did Betty White outlast me?

Dean is out to find a way to get Sam’s soul back into Sam’s body. So he kills himself.

You think he would have had enough of dying – but this is Dean – so off he toodles to a Chinese butchery (how can you not love these writers), where he enlists the aid of Dr Robert in stopping his heart for a while.

Dr Robert is played by Robert Englund - Freddie Krueger for all you horror fans.

Oh Death. He’s back. Quite a character is Death in Supernatural. One of the few who actually seems able to make Dean stop and pause.

DEATH: Don't roll your eyes, Dean. It's impolite. Now, when you fetch my ring, put it on.

Julian Richings does a fantastic job with this character. I found myself feeling quite empathetic with Death and the job he does.

Another great character is Tessa. Tessa is the reaper who tried to take Dean in Season 2.

Dean, Death and Tessa

Tessa is not a big fan of Dean’s because he has caused her a few problems – what with the way he dies and comes back all the time. Not at all how it is supposed to work.

Death has a proposition for Dean. If Dean wears his ring for twenty-four hours, and does his job, then Death will go to Hell to get Sammy’s soul and put it back in the big boy.

Only Sammy is not so keen, having heard from Cas, Crowley and Meg what sort of state his soul is in after all that time in the cage with Lucifer and Michael.

DEAN: Sam. I'm your brother. I'm not gonna let you get hurt. I know what I'm doing here. SAM: What if you're wrong? DEAN I won't let it go wrong.

On goes the ring.

Dean hooks up with Tessa and then sets about reaping a few souls.

First the robber, then the heart attack guy. Not too bad thinks Dean.

TESSA Just so you know, when people die, they might have questions for you. Well, you know, not you, but death. DEAN You mean like, "how did Betty White outlast me?"

Ahhh  – but then it’s a twelve-year-old girl with heart problems.

Tessa was right – Dean does what he does best – causes problems. Dean refuses to kill the girl.

Meanwhile back at Bobby’s things are heating up. Sam calls on the angel Balthazar for some help in keeping Dean from putting his soul back in.

BALTHAZAR: Why here's one for the list of dumbest things ever. Summon the angel who wants to kill you.

There is a way to stop that from happening – but Bobby is not going to like it. Sam has to commit patricide. There is a loophole (we all know that Big Daddy John Winchester is dead). As Balthazar puts it: “To be clear, um, you need the blood of your father, but your father needn’t be blood. Comprende?”

Back at the hospital Dean finds out there are consequences when you mess with the natural order. By saving the girl, one of the nurses gets killed. She is not too happy with Dean when she finds out she was supposed to live a long life, which he screwed up for her.

Dean is about to take the young girl when he notices the nurse’s husband get into his car. Sensing trouble he pops into the seat beside him. Of course as Dean is Death he’s invisible, and the guy is on a suicide mission.

Back at Bobby’s Sam and Bobby are playing cards.

When Bobby goes for a beer Sammy makes his move. But Bobby hasn’t lived this long without having a few tricks. A great game of cat and mouse begins as Sammy hunts Bobby.

Sammy corners him in a cupboard. Soulless Sam is really scary at times.

Sam begins to chop through the closet door with an axe. BOBBY: "Don't say, here's Johnny."

Meanwhile back in the car Dean is still trying to stop the nurse’s husband from killing himself – he takes off Death’s ring and well that’s that.

Or is it?

Dean puts it back on and goes back to the hospital to take the young girl.

Sam has Bobby trussed up back at Bobby’s about to commit patricide when the cavalry arrives in the form of Dean of course.

BOBBY Listen to me. You don't want to do this. Sam. I've been like a father to you, boy. Somewhere inside, you've got to know that. (Sam walks over to Bobby holding a knife) SAM Well, that's just it. Sorry. (Sam raises the knife up to stab Bobby but Dean intercepts him) DEAN Hi, Sam. I'm back. (Kapow)

So where to now for TBs?

Seems Death is still willing to help out.

DEATH I think it's a little more than that. Today, you got a hard look behind the curtain. Wrecking the natural order's not quite such fun when you have to mop up the mess, is it? This is hard for you, Dean. You throw away your life because you've come to assume that it'll bounce right back into your lap. But the human soul is not a rubber ball. It's vulnerable, impermanent, but stronger than you know. And more valuable than you can imagine. So... I think you've learned something today.

After a few cryptic comments Death goes off to get back Sam’s soul.

The question we are left with is: “Will it work?”


  1. prepare to have your mind blown: I actually met Death! The actor, not the enity.
    He stopped at the hotel for lunch a few years back and he was a pretty nice guy. My daughter knows him from some Disney Channel movies and she was actually impressed with her Dad – for a few minutes!


    1. Oh – how lucky are you – I love this guy !!!! Almost as much as TBs. He is sooooooo cool as a character, and I love the little things the actor does with him. I am so jealous right now.

      So jealous…


      1. Well in this show he is supposed to at least as old as or even older than God – but he doesn’t look scary/odd to me. Rather like the guy no one notices – unobtrusive if you like.


  2. I just to watch Supernatural in the beginning, but got too busy with the kids. Now that we have DVR I think I might start following it again. You got me intrigued.

    Have a great day!



  3. Yes I can see that you truly adore this show 🙂

    Have fun now and
    be good, if you like? 🙂 lol

    Androgoth XXx


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