Occupy Wall Street

The following are some images from the Occupy Wall Street protests happening around the world.

I love it when people stand up for what they feel.

I wish these guys all that they wish themselves.

Good Luck guys !!!!!!!!!!!

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If you want to know more about the protests Occupy Wall Street is the protestors official site.

There is a live stream so you can get up to date news about sites and happenings.



18 thoughts on “Occupy Wall Street”

    1. Well it does get cold at night Harry – and when the Fire Department come in and take away the generators that keep them warm so that some are suffering from hypothermia – I guess I kinda understand heading off to crawl into a warm bed, so they can come back and fight the good fight – for all of us who aren’t there fighting with them.


  1. You should speak to my brother, he’s well into all this stuff – infact we had to ban him from talking about politics, bankers (or anything that rhymed with that – my mum’s words, not mine..) 2012, 9-11, conspiracy theories etc at a recent family celebration.
    I admire people who take a stand but I’m not sure anything will change, if anything it will only lead to more conflict. Just my opinion.


    1. I have to agree to disagree – if we never take a stand then nothing will ever change. Will these guys get things changed – I don’t know – but it pleases me no end that there are still people out there who believe it is up to us and not just the governments to do something. If nothing else it may make political parties aware of a potential backlash should they go against popular opinion, as they often do. Just my opinion…


  2. I agree with Marcia, it will make no difference if they stayed 1 year or 2 or more, life, business must carry on as usual until a goverment makes a change to things. And there is no chance of them doing that in the worlds present climate.
    I wonder if these people where in China, Iran, Russia, Burma or a few more countries would they be brave enough to do this, i think not.
    When i look at some of the people in London, it looks like they are full time protestors, neither work nor want, maybe they live on gov; handouts.
    That’s my rant over, and i have a sore head now.


    1. It may not make a difference Harry – but at least they are trying. If governments are not made aware of the potential for disharmony in the population then they will continue to do what they want and not take the peoples’ views into account.
      Are you saying that China etc has it right by not allowing protest ?
      I see here in NZ so many wrongs. We are about to go in to an election and for once I am not voting for the party I believe will do the most good – but for the party I believe will do the least harm. We held a referendum not so long ago, and I was horrified with what happened after. Over 80% of New Zealanders voted for change – and the government completely disregarded their vote. Maybe if the people of NZ had afterwards marched in protest, or occupied some of our parks and streets the government might have realised that you can’t continue to disregard what the voters want. No protests. And no change. And this type of governmental arrogance scares me witless – because it signals that we the people have no say any more once a party is in power.
      One of the signs said: “dissent is patriotic” and I believe that to be true. The day we all lay down and let the government trample us – well I hope I’m long dead by then. If people never stood up for what is right, America would still be British, Hussein and Gaddafi would still be in power, abortion would still be illegal.
      Do we always get what we want – NO. But I for one am thrilled some of us still fight the fight.
      And now my head hurts – oh I love debate…


  3. Everyone has the right to protest, but most of the protests get no-where and nothing changes. If people think a protest is going to make a gov; hit the banks and change laws on business’s, i don’t think so. Your government was completely wrong to disregarded the peoples vote and the people were just as bad for not protesting and getting them out there and then.

    Now i’m going to bed, my fingers hurt πŸ™‚


  4. I never discuss anything anywhere near political so I will simply say this: It takes change in the topics of discussion to change the world. Prior to this past spring the world was having an entirely different conversation about the Middle East than it is having now, and prior to a couple of months ago, the United States had nearly suffocated the discussion with regard to devastation wreaked upon families in the U.S. brought about by a collapsing economy. Regardless of our individual positions, we are now listening again, and I thank the young people involved in the Occupy Wall Street movement for having the courage to make that difference for all of us.

    Jo, thank you so much for the honor of the Versatile Blogger Award. It is a very nice surprise from a very nice gal.


  5. Thanks for putting the website link up for OWS, and for your post. It always kind of surprised me that there were never any protests like this against the war/our involvement in Iraq/Afghanistan, like the protests during the Vietnam war. It is good to see people stand up against injustice. I’m not sure either that it will resolve anything, but at least government can see what the 99% think, and know that everything isn’t all comfy cozy for everyone.


    1. Hi Angeline – I agree – I hope that it accomplishes something – probably not great change, but at least putting the politicians and parties on notice that they have to look after everyone – not just the big corporations and banks.


  6. At least they are standing up for their rights Jo,
    whether or not they go home to a warm bed or
    not is of no consequence…

    Be well my great friend πŸ™‚

    Androgoth XXx


  7. THANK YOU for this post. I have been following this movement darn near since the beginning and have been awed and amazed at how it has grown. I have mad respect for these people, and think it is a crying shame that the main stream media isn’t covering much about it anymore…of course the msm is bought and paid for by the very people that OWS is against, so it makes sense WHY they aren’t giving it much coverage (well, unless it’s to smear them for the violent actions of a few of them). If I wasn’t working, I would be right there with them. As for whether or not it will change anything…I think it’s too soon to say on that. I DO know that there were a LOT of people who changed from regular banks to credit unions by November 5th – which is one of the things that the OWS people directly suggested…so I think it is already having an impact. I hope this is just the beginning, though. I hope these are just the starting tremors of a huge movement that really will effect change, not just here in the USA but all over the world. There needs to be a world-wide paradigm shift regarding human priorities.


    1. It is nice to hear someone believe in them. Maybe there won’t be dramatic change in a moment – but I do think they have started something – something I hope will snowball until it is too big for those in power to stop.


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