Explaining Rugby

This was seen on the streets of New Zealand…

A taste of Kiwi humour.


    1. Hi Jo; thanks for stopping by my blog; nice to meet you here! I love NZ …i wanted to share a little ditty I heard on local radio recently; I loved it ….hope it doesn’t offend though.

      Sign on country road said ———– SYDNEY SUX!!

      Someone had written underneath ……….

      NZ NIL!


    1. Abel Tasman was a Dutch explorer and the first to reach here, and map it out, in his ships Heemskerck and Zeehaen. Tasman stayed at the South Island in Golden Bay (which he named Murderers’ Bay due to clashes with Maori) in December 1642. He mapped out sections of the two main islands’ west coasts, calling the islands Staten Landt, after the States-General of the Netherlands. It is Staten Landt that appears on his first maps of this country. Dutch cartographers would later change the name to Nova Zeelandia in Latin, then Nieuw Zeeland, it being actually named after the Dutch province of Zeeland. When Captain James Cook arrived some 100 years later he anglicised it to the now New Zealand.

      Me – twisted ???
      Whatever do you mean ???


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