If the pizza man truly loves this babysitter, why does he keep slapping her rear?

Two Crowleys – that’s right. Two of him. Thank you Supernatural.

Crowley having a conversation with himself – well let’s just say I was in Heaven watching my favourite demon and an alpha shapeshifter who looked and sounded exactly like my favourite demon.

Crowley is doing all he can to find Purgatory. Seems like a lot of trouble to go to for real estate, so I’m guessing there is more behind it than just that.

After TBs hand over a Rugaru to Crowley’s henchmen – no, I didn’t make that up (and I have waited a long time to use the word henchmen). A Rugara is a creature who for years toodles along as a human. It all goes to pot though when they start to get incredibly hungry for human flesh. Their bones move under their skin, they get amazingly strong, and they get hungry, for longpink. Another great word. Longpink = human flesh.

We last saw a Rugaru in season 4’s Metamorphasis when TBs tried to help one.

It all ended up – gross. Once a Rugaru takes a bite, they get pretty darn ugly.

Then – good surprise number two – Meg is back. That demon is awesome. She really has it going on. Meg ties up TBs (oh dear my mind is going into overdrive with that one), trying to get some info on Crowley.

“OK, officially over the foreplay. Satisfy me or I please myself.” Meg threatens Dean.

Seems Meg wants to do away with the new King of Hell, as she is a big Lucifer fan.

“It’s a deal, then. Hugs and puppies all around.” Meg

And she has some of the best lines.

Sam comes up with an intriguing idea. He wants TBs to work with Meg to get Crowley to hand over his soul. Dean is not convinced – the whole working with demons is beginning to get to our Dean.

“The only thing that’s really changed is now I need a daily rape shower.” Dean on working with Crowley.

Sam calls in our resident angel Cas for some help by telling him they have found the Ark of the Covenant – very Raiders of the Lost Ark style. Cas being Cas – he falls for it. Dean is so right, Cas is such a baby.

“Cas, we found something. It’s this gold box. Apparently Nazis were after it back in the day. Someone tried to open it and their faces melted off. I think it’s the Ark of the Covenant.” Sam praying to Cas to get him to show up and help.

So far we have TBs (of course), Crowley, Meg, Castiel.

Oh happy days…oh happy days !!!

And – wait for it – Grandpa Samuel too. I don’t like Samuel, or trust the old guy, but he is such an interesting character.

Finally we find out what it is the Crowley has on Samuel.

OH NO !!!

Crowley has agreed to bring back Mary Winchester. Of course that is the one weakness this family all seem to have. Saving, or bringing back family members, from death.

Let’s see:

1.Big Daddy John Winchester did it for Dean

2.Dean brought Sam back

3.Mary brought John back (flashback episode)

Yes – it’s their weak spot.

“I’m asking you to learn from our mistakes. Doing this? This is how the bad guy gets us every time. It’s our Achilles’ heel. Apparently it runs in the family.” Dean doing his best to talk Samuel out of bringing Mary back.

When TBs realise what Samuel wants to do, Dean does his best to talk him out of it. We all knew that was never going to work. Or…

Samuel has a change of heart and turns up at TBs place with information on where Crowley is keeping all the monsters he is torturing.

You know that ROTFLMAO expression – well I truly did because…

when Samuel turns up Cas is busy – watching porn, as TBs are researching.

BLESS YOU Supernatural writers, BLESS YOU !!!!!!!!!!!

So off they head, Dean, Sam, Meg, and Cas for Crowley’s lair. but not before Cas expresses some serious doubts about getting Sam’s soul back into his body. Seems he’s worried what state it will be in after spending all this time in a cage with Lucifer and Michael, who are both a little pissed at Sam for putting them there.

Once inside they strike problem number 1. Crowley’s guard dogs are hell hounds. Here came my next favourite moment. Cas kissing Meg pizza porn guy style.

Problem number 2, Samuel has betrayed TBs and Crowley has them locked up and ready to be dinner for the Rugarus.

Meg deals to the hell hounds only to be captured by Christian (another Winchester – who has been taken over by one of Crowley’s demons).

But Crowley forgets one important thing. Our Sammy doesn’t have a soul. Soulless Sam bites into his wrist, and after drawing a devil’s trap on the ceiling of his cell manages to escape.

After saving Dean from becoming lunch, TBs rescue Meg from Christian and head off in search of Crowley.

TBs trap Crowley – and demand he restores Sam’s soul. I had my doubts about Crowley being able to do that. Seems I was right. When Crowley tells them he doesn’t think he can, Sam lets Meg into the devil’s trap to do her thing.

“I said ‘can’t,’ and I meant ‘can’t,’ you mop-headed lumberjack.” Crowley on his chances of getting Sam's soul out of the cage.

Come on guys – this is Crowley, so of course it doesn’t go the way TBs want, but ta da – the cavalry arrives in the shape of an angel in a trench coat, carrying a sack with Crowley’s bones in it.

For those of you unfamiliar with the whole demon bones thing – seems if you torch a demon’s earthly remains – poof – so long sayonara demon.

Short version – Crowley can’t restore Sam’s soul. Bye bye Crowley. I had a moment of sorrow when Cas set fire to the bones. Crowley is such a great baddie. I’m going to miss him.

Having heard from Cas, Meg and Crowley how damaged his soul is likely to be, our Sammy expresses some doubts about the whole stick his soul back in his body deal.

“When angels and demons agree on something, call me nuts, I pay attention.” Sam on getting his soul back.

Which leaves me wondering what he is going to do to stop it from happening.


  1. Thanks! Surprisingly, I was actually beginning to miss your posts on Supernatural and TB’s. Interesting, but not surprising, that tying up TB’s (individually or as a group 🙂 ) appeals to you. 😉 Hmmmmm…….


    1. Oh it does – I adore Crowley. I do admit to loving the baddies in this show – they are so well written – that you’re not sure if you really hate them or admire them. You know who I miss – Balthazar. He was such a bad angel…


  2. I love your in- depth reviews of this series! With football season going on I don’t have time to watch it but your posts are even better than watching a rerun of it!!


  3. Well he slaps her rear because…

    A/ He enjoys it


    B/ Because she enjoys it too…

    Simplistic isn’t it Jo? 🙂 😉 lol
    I hope that you are enjoying
    a very, very wicked weekend 🙂

    Androgoth XXx


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