My Poetry

O is for Obfuscate

elemental restraint,

clarity eludes

toes squirm


moist earth

mist rising, engulf

that which beckons

blinded by deafness

I can’t taste the wind

as it crosses land

tiptoeing across crested waves

in farewell


written for ABC Wednesday: The letter O

obfuscate = to obscure; to darken; to confuse


30 thoughts on “O is for Obfuscate”

  1. I love these lines:

    blinded by deafness/I can’t taste the wind

    I’m always amazed at your ability to create such wonderful poetry out of a single word. I especially like the mystery at the heart of this one.


  2. obfuscate is one of my favorite words
    i even have it on a t-shirt with a design in similar vein to yours!
    great O word!
    If you’re interested in another meme, come visit today for Thurs.13. (and see the large amount of progress I made on my cardinal painting since yesterday.)


  3. Oh! I am so using that site! Thanks Jo! My 19 year old son LOVES using words that I have to say ….Huuuu??? and by the way LOVE your poem and photo. I’m stuck on the lines “that which beckons blinded by deafness” wow! I just Love it. πŸ™‚


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