Weekly Photo Challenge: Sunset

I have been longing for a sunset challenge.

For my 51st birthday a dear and forever friend took me to Tahiti for 4 days.

What a surprising place it was.

On our last night there – Tahiti presented me with a gift.

Her heavens opened up with the most amazing sunset my eyes have ever seen.

This is what I saw that night.

I’m sorry there are so many.

I couldn’t choose between them.


Want to see some more sunsets ?

The Weekly Photo Challenge: Sunset

has a whole bunch of them.




    1. Hi Gilly – Tahiti was not at all what I imagined. Luckily the friend I was with is a lot like me and likes to go where the locals are, and get away from the tourist areas. So we saw and met some amazing poeple and sights in Tahiti. I loved the place.


  1. I’m sorry there are so many.

    I couldn’t choose between them.

    Sorry, says she? Sorry?
    Schmorry, says eye!

    Dear friend, know it would have been such a same, almost a crime, NOT to share such sunsets with the lot of us πŸ™‚

    PS: Thanks for commenting on that piece I sent to you. I don’t remember if I ever figured out how to respond to your response…LOL. Hope you have a great day ❀
    Another PS: Great gift from that friend of yours!


  2. Travelling is one of the best things you can do – if I had more money I would spend it all on journeys to all those beautiful places on earth. Sunset in Tahiti – you are so lucky! Beautiful photos!


  3. sometimes less is more, and yet here is a perfect example where less would have been less.
    so thanks for sharing. and thank you also for visiting my sunset from the west coast. much appreciated.


    1. Hi Britta,
      thank you.
      It really was indescribable – what a terrible thing for a writer to say. It was a moment that I actually stopped and noticed no other thing around me but the effect of that light on my world.


  4. Definitely a night to remember for lots of reasons
    and what a delightful sequence of Sunset photographs πŸ™‚

    Have a lovely rest of day and evening Jo

    Androgoth XXx


  5. The second and fourth shots work best for me Jo – the cloud and the foreground beach really balance the composition. Looks like a very pleasant evening by the sea πŸ™‚


  6. Sunset in Tahiti. It sounds like it should be a fancy drink. Spectacular pictures! I think that water looks a bit like thick whipped chocolate batter, the way it blends atop the sand in the front of the pictures.


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