Pondering whether everything is more beautiful because we’re doomed, and Brad Pitt’s arse.

This morning, as I do every morning, I got up, let the Demented Fox Terrier,

The Grumpy Cat,

and The Little Shite Who Gets Into Everything and Destroys Furnishings Cat,

out to do what is best done outside, before they all toodle back inside to demand that I feed them. I made my morning coffee. Which is a very LARGE cup,

crawled back under the duvet – it’s a yukky day here – with the Demented Fox Terrier, and went about checking up on my favourite blogs.

Wow – that sentence was much longer than I planned.

At one of my favourite blogs there was this post: Amazing Civilization.

And I began to ponder.

With so much out there – how cruel it is that our lifespan will never allow us to see ALL of it.

Even were we to be King Midas and have as much wealth as we could pop our finger on – there just isn’t enough time.

I’m 53.

So – even if I do what many others have done in my family and live long and prosper,

I’m now probably over the half way mark.

And truthfully – as a younger, more stupid version of the me that is now – I drank, smoked, and did drugs. So I’m figuring that all that won’t have helped.

Before you get to imagining a life rolling in the gutter – I’m talking POT (marijuana for those clean living among you) people. Hey – I was young in the seventies. Everyone smoked pot. Although I did smoke a lot of it – I blame the memory lapses on a youth  – well, of slight debauchery you might say. I did take Mondays off to clean the flat.

Just so you know – I don’t do those things anymore – well, I do like a good Pinot Noir every now and again.

Back to the pondering.

So if we even out the debauchery of youth with good genetics – I’m still past the half way mark.

And as I don’t have Midas’s lucky fingers – I have resigned myself to accepting the fact that I won’t actually see everything I want to before I am dust.

I’d like to be Yargo. But he only exists on the pages of a book. So living for eons is out of the equation.

Which might be a good thing as Brad Pitt said in Troy.

“I’ll tell you a secret. Something they don’t teach you in your temple. The Gods envy us. They envy us because we’re mortal, because any moment might be our last. Everything is more beautiful because we’re doomed. You will never be lovelier than you are now. We will never be here again.” – Archilles

I love that line: “Everything is more beautiful because we’re doomed.”

I think that it perfectly describes our existence.

But of all the times to live – we live in a wonderous time.

Because nothing is really out of reach anymore. I can see everything – including Brad Pitt’s butt, which is a VERY nice butt if you ask me. In case you didn’t agree with me – here is some more proof for you, and well – I just like looking at the man.

Oh sure – we may not physically walk the sands beside the pyramids, or feel the energy that pulses from the stones at Stonehenge (I’ve been told this by someone who has been there). But then she did a lot of drugs too when she was younger.

But my grandparents, my parents too for most of their lives, needed to be there to see these things.

Today – I can see these things without ever leaving home. I can learn their tales and their legends.

It is in a way a double edged sword – for the very knowing makes it tantalising. These wonders that exist far from me, perhaps not knowing would make it easier. I don’t know. But I think if I had the choice, I would rather know about them.

And while I may be past the half way mark – I have plans to make it one hell of a half.


  1. I love your blogs Jo, you’re getting more and more creative with each post – always plenty to read and look at! Your posts make me smile, laugh outloud and are full of meaning and make me think. And yes, I’m pondering too (as if I’ve not got enough on my mind) life is for living, whatever your age – enjoy!


    1. Thank you Marcia – what a wonderful comment for me to come on here and read.
      You make me smile as well dear lady – lots and lots of smiles.
      🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


  2. I think you are enormously lucky not to be King Midas: there’d be no more celebrating this doomed existence for you. Or rather, the doom would be upon you, now. As it would be on me, were I to acquire the touch.

    Doomed or not doomed, or whatever, this is what there is; there is no second go at it, and we’d all better get on and do what we want to do right now.

    Funny thing is, when you think you may be dying, you don’t do any of that last minute high life rubbish, that racing to get as much in as is possible. You just continue living the same life as before. Because that is really what it is all about.


    1. Well – me being a pilfering pirate – I’d only pilfer the good part of Midas’s touch. 😉
      I can imagine you don’t race about if dying is upon you – me – I’d just wanna be with the ones I love and be quiet I think.


  3. I love this post and for some reason, Brad Pitts but fits so nicely within it’s theme. 🙂 It’s interesting that you have a way of summing up things I feel but don’t have words for. This pondering of death making life all the more beautifull… thats why I love the idea of the middle ages so much. Not because they had Knights and ladies, but rather because death lived so closely upon their doorstep that everything had a more vibrant meaning than it seems to do today. In modern times we view sickness as an inconvenience and death as a for away stranger. Its caused us to become rather complacent? for lack of a better word. There are people in the world who don’t even understand where a hamburger comes from.


    1. I think you’re right. But then Brad Pitt’s butt would fit nicely anywhere…hehehehehe. I imagine that’s why I love those times as well. I love the American Indian ways. They seem to embrace not only life but death as well – maybe that’s why they do not appear to fear it as western society seems to.


  4. I love that quote about the gods – I’ve not heard it before.

    I lived not far from Stonehenge when I was a child – at that time, you were able to just visit them; walk around them, have a picnic etc. I’m glad I saw them then, in their ‘natural state’ as it were. Now it’s completely different; the monument is fenced off and I think you have to pay for tours etc. Horrible. The stone circle at Avebury (which was even closer to us) is pretty much the same – you can still wander round for free, touch the stones, have picnics or whatever; nothing is fenced off. Stonehenge is spoilt now; I wouldn’t go again.


    1. What a shame that they have to ruins special places like that. I am glad you still have Avebury though. That quote just knocked me over when I heard it for the first time and has stuck with me ever since. 🙂


    1. It’s a great age to be Gilly. Old enough to understand a lot more while still young enough to enjoy it all. I love your comments – they make me smile.


  5. Loved this post Jo… Go Girl.. and enjoy your second half…. Im a couple of years or more ahead of you.. and Im only just beginning to learn how to Live. 🙂
    Nice choice in Back-sides 😉


    1. You know Sue i feel that as well – it is only now that I know (sometimes at least) what I want, who I am, that I really feel I am beginning to live. And as much as I adore the Kiddywinkles, their needs have always pushed mine to the background, so I am reveling in being first in my life for once. Oh yeah – except for the Demented Fox Terrier, The Grumpy Cat, The Little Shite Who gets Into Everything And Destroys Furnishings Cat and The Very Noisy Cockatiel that is…hehehehe.
      I liked the back-sides as well. Really liked them – but you can tell that cant you ??


  6. I feel exactly the same way Jo, perhaps because i am just a couple of years older! An urgency to make the rest of my life the best of my life! And oh yes, being able to see that butt is indeed a huge perk for our generation 😀


    1. An urgency to make the rest of my life the best of my life!
      I love that statement !!!
      Oh yes Brad’s butt is certainly a perky perk for us.


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