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Weekly Photo Challenge: Fall

This is my daughter – caught in a moment of play as she experiences autumn.

I love the colours and her expression as she watches the leaves she had just tossed skyward cascade around her.

Her joy – gave me joy.

I also wanted to add a self portrait that I took with a tripod in the same forest some years before.
As you can see I have had a bit of fun with digital editing with that one.
                           Submitted  in the Weekly Photo Challenge: Fall

71 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Fall”

  1. Jo, this is so beautiful. The leaves give this photo life. The expression on your daughter is precious. The colors are fabulous. Aren’t you coming into Spring now. I am on the last days of summer in California. Love this Pic Jo! would make for a great cover for a card. xoxox


  2. One can easily see the joy in her face, and such an adventure
    playing in the woods, laughing, throwing leaves and watching
    them fall all around her… A very nice photograph and of course
    a delightful memory etched within the sweetness of a moment.

    Have a most enchanting rest of evening Jo 🙂

    Androgoth XXx


  3. There’s just something about Autumn leaves, the texture , the rustling noise…all added together to make fun and laughter… and your picture shows your daughter doing just that… Wonderful photo.. xPenx


  4. a perfect shot, even the leaves formed a frame around her. Theres just someting about crunching leaves that brings joy know matter what age we are. (and warm denim too) But This pic? Perfect!


    1. She looks cute wrapped in all that demin huh ? It is a bit of a family joke that I used to always dress my children in cute clothes. It wasn’t really ALL my fault – Dutch grandparents kept sending us really cool clothing.
      Love that you like this piccy Sara – did you notice the Barbie clutched fast in her hand ??

      A favourite that one was – went almost as many places with us as did Lamby…


    1. Thanks Brenda – I like that one as well – my daughter is a cutie…
      Oops – hope she doesn’t read that last comment of mine, or I will be in trouble – she hates being called cute.


  5. Thanks for sharing the joy, Jo!
    Both images are great – however I really like the one of your daughter because you can see and almost hear the laughter that lights up the moment. Thank you also for stopping by my “fall” corner and leaving your “like” button behind. Much appreciated!


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