The funniest or maybe worst names EVER…

Ahhh – the e-mails that arrive in my inbox.

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  1. Yes a very nice mix there Jo, however I never
    saw that Teresa Green or those two Wufftas. Now
    what were those names? Ahh yes Ben Doone and
    Phil McAvity…

    And what about the Inventors
    of the Glass Bra… Smash ‘n’ Grab

    I like your jovial posting Jo, I just hope
    that my zany response hasn’t put you off
    this crazy Goth 🙂

    Androgoth XXx


    1. I know Marcia – some of the things my friends send me are riotous – so I can’t help but pop them up here – and I do love poeples funny names, though I feel sorry for some of the I mean, how do you go through life with something like these…


  2. Sad, sad, sad. What were their mothers thinking?

    I remember when I was much, much younger, a Vietnamese man I was working with told me he named his newborn son, Kung Fu, because he was enamored by the television show of the same name. Makes me wonder if the kid had to learn kung fu just to make it through school.

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    1. Some don’t apparently. When I think of all the effort I put in to making sure my kids names couldn’t be twisted. And I had to check out two languages as their Dad is Dutch. Maybe they are high on adrenaline, or drugs (from the birth), when they make the decision.


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