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Weekly Photo Challenge: Faces

The human face.

There are so many ways to see it.

There is such art in it.

There is such variation.

These are shots I took while in Africa.

I took a lot of photos – and yes there were many of the magical beasts that roar across the dusty earth.

I recorded the twists in the land, and rolling earth.

But the faces of Africa.

Ah – the faces – of that – there was not enough time to record all those wonderful faces.

Customs also prevented it at times.

But when I had both time and permission.

That for me was the rhythm of Africa.

And their faces told its tales and they sung its songs.






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Weekly Photo Challenge: Faces

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87 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Faces”

  1. There are so many wonderful faces to be found in the many nations of Africa. I love the young lady carrying her child in a sling in the traditional way. My wife occasionally carried our son like that – very handy way when doing the house work! Interesting set of photos.


      1. That’s a good way to feel – some wonderful people out there that need us to cross that divide and help them. My wife is from Zimbabwe and I am always amazed at the resiliance displayed by the ordinary person. It’s important that we show our support to these people


  2. Wherever I travel, faces are the first thing I take pictures of, too. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your gems…brought back memories of Papua New Guinea for me. And thats a real treat. Thank you, Jo!


  3. I must echo both you and Brynne. Faces really catch my attention. Those children, each one has a whole different viewpoint. I do wonder who they were and how they have faired.


    1. I have often wondered that myself Sara – they were so full of the possibilities at the time. Talking to them was incredible – they each had their own dream they wished to follow. They saw life as a playground to be explored. I hope they have found life to be kind. 🙂


  4. I think that in the eye of the artist or photographer there are many forms of expression, and here you have captured a few with your lens, showing your reader base just how different one sees life through the camera, indeed an appearance that gives depth to a photograph or with the stroke of a brush upon a blank canvas the artist can also speak in imaginative volumes…

    Thank you for your wickedly nice posting Jo

    Androgoth Xx


    1. I am so glad to see that you liked them. They have always been favourites of mine, That’s why I put them up for the challenge – but it is great to hear others do like them too.
      Each one is a memory for me – of a place, of the people, another time in my life – so that always makes them special.


  5. Hello, I like your photos. They show the lives of people, and even though some would find them beneath them, I find those people to look happier and more carefree then I’ve ever seen on the faces of the people of the west.


  6. The photos are absolutely beautiful just like the poem that came with it. I have always used the less fortunate people in Africa as an inspiration to be positive to my students, friends, and acquaintances in times they feel like they are the most miserable persons on earth. Thing is, people are so narrow sometimes that even being just stuck in traffic is equivalent to doomsday when there are people out there who are experiencing worst than one could imagine.

    The poem and the faces of this people makes me feel content with what I have. I hope that in due time, the people in Africa who are experiencing life’s plight will end soon. God bless the people there and you, Jo!


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